Monday, December 24, 2007

Its Christmas time

With only a couple of days left in the year its nice to be able to say that I've had a good year. Thank God for that, no more doubles so I can pay my rent. I'm thankful for the experiences that I've ventured and the clarity that I've gained from them. Its put things in perspective for me.

I know that 2008 will bring lots of change in my life and others as well.

If someone were to ask me what advice I could give to them in the coming year (though I know no one will) I would say "take time to enjoy the moment, because the journey isn't a good without the memory of it!"

Be it your first away from home, with a new love, or with a old love, or with family, I pray that all of you ( friends) have a great & safe wonderful holiday! I get to pick up my present tonight at the airport...I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I can't stop...

oh man, It soo dead on..that guy freaks me out!

ONe more...

See canadian's are the source of entertainment, they just can't be as funny up in Canada when they're freezing!

I have to admit that i watch this show and its this dumb only Audrina's teeth are bigger. There so much bigger that the demand their own tv credit.

I just love how funny is soo in right now..I actually think it never went away, how many times have you heard someone say I'm so tired of laughing, I wish I would just cry more, I really need to cry more. Yeah if hear that just go ahead and punch them in the face for me!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just stuff

Lots of messages going around this time of year..

I didn't know he could talk like that!

If you thought that was so so..I found these geeks in love with transformers, so much in love that they decided to build one!

More than the meets the I!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I took the Nerd Test too

But I forgot to post, apparently I am a nerd compared to everyone that took it, my score was 61! It said that I was a nerd but not on the lower level of nerdness. However as I was reading everyone's blog I noticed that my score was considerably higher than all of you!? I mean how is that possible? I can't be a nerd, right?

Gosh, I'm really just counting down the days till I can take a vacation!!! Two more weeks...just two more weeks.

So I'll guess I'll just go and look over some SQL and try to memorize PI, since I guess I'm a nerd.

A cool nerd!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hit me! Hitman... yesterday I spent most of the time out my house watching TV that I really didn't want to watch, football, football, and a really bad movie. I think I was literally getting retarded as the minutes wore on from watching so much TV. I guess it didn't help that I watched perhaps the dumbest movie this holiday season. I won't even bore you with the snippets of the movie because you too might end up forgetting how to speak or spell. Anyways the holiday season is in full swing, people are out buying things they don't need and spending money they don't have. It hard to ignore the fact that we Americans live beyond our means, its what our economy strives on, Consumer confidence! I remember last year around this time where I was working doubles everyday to make ends meat. SO when everyone was enjoying there holiday I was at your local GAP yelling peace, love and would you like to open a GAP Credit card to save 20%!

So, with that in mind, this year spend less for those you love and spend more time loving them. Well unless they want a new Ipod Touch, then you're screwed.

Friday, November 30, 2007

I got an avatar

I had seen jess's avatar but i had never really thought of getting one until i accidently clicked on tucker's avatar and I was swept away. Its soo much fun to just make yourself or a crazy looking avatar! I couldn't find capri pants and a sleeve-less shirt but that's pretty close to how I would look to play tennis. So yeah..that was the highlight of the day..


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Best wedding dance ever!

Best Wedding Dance Ever - Watch the best video clips here

Apparently Halo is coming to life!

See the video

Yeah it would seem that my entertainment is coming to a battlefield not near you? Its kind of scary! Don't you think?

I got this from Michele's blog..

Dear Sister

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

cash advance Ha ha..somehow this doesn't surprise me with all the slang and the improper use of comma's not to mention the bad grammar. Well, either way...who cares...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I guess someone finally noticed...

So now they're making money from my situation. I hate that I didn't come up with the idea, I mean its my thing, not that I want it to be my thing but it is. When people see me they ask me how's your situation, has it gotten better?? Seriously? Well apparently the girl wearing this shirt is all for it, she's thinking of all the nights she can go out with the girls and then call her man afterward to see if he had a miserable time being alone. Yeah, I got all that from this picture! Even the description of the shirt is catchy~

Because relationships are a marathon, not a sprint.

I just have one question..CTC!! ok..that's all CTC!

I love all sorts of gadgets, wickets, sprockets, and whatcha me call'ems! With that being said I just ordered my new phone and I can say that I'm really looking forward to wasting time on it. I actually got a sneak peak of it today at Circuit City during lunch and I was like a little kid in a candy store. No need to ask how much I had to pay, you can figure it out but hopefully I'll get it before thursday so I can play with it while I wait to in the horrible lines at the airport. I'm such a nerd when it comes to this stuff but don't hate.
On another note, I was with jessica on saturday when she went to IKEA, it was actually her idea to go! It was a unique experience, a layed out path of shopping geared to make you spend money! Great idea! I really want to get a tons of crap from there but since I don't think I'll be living in florida that much longer...i'll just hold off. AH look at the time 5p, its time for this guy to head on out...
one more gadget-
that's on my wishlist for christmas....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rock out with your bangs out!

So, We've all had them at one time or another! But did we really ever thing that we'd go back to the bangs! I had bangs, they got in the way of seeing so I never really kept them when I got older. I kept on doing short hair cuts. The one regret I have in life is that I never grew out my hair as long as I possibly could of. I mean I think it would of looked crazy and people would of been afraid of me, ok, no I think I would of looked totally cool. So why am I talking about bangs? Well holly is thinking about getting them. She even sent me a picture so I'm posting it here because I need something to post..and because I think she looks good with her potential bangs..
So as you can see there's two sides to every story. Holly with bangs or holly with out bangs?

Bloc Party - So Here We are

I love this song..its an oldy but I just can't stop hitting repeat on my Ipod!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mr Olympia 2006

How is that people's bodies can tranform into muscle robots? seriously, like they don't look human!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just a suggestion..

10 nightmarish handshakes to avoid.
To evade making a bad first impression, losing a business deal or simply embarrassing yourself, take heed of Holland and Brody's 10 terrible grips to avoid:

  • The "macho cowboy"... is the almost bone-crunching clasp many businessmen use to shake hands. What are they trying to prove, anyway? There's no need to demonstrate your physical strength when shaking another person's hand.
  • The wimp... is usually delivered by men who are afraid to "hurt the little lady" when shaking women's hands. Modern female professionals expect their male counterparts to convey the same respect they'd show their male colleagues.
  • The "dead fish"... conveys no power. While there's no need to revert to the macho cowboy death grip, a firm clasp is more powerful than one that barely grabs the hand.
  • The "four finger"... is when the person's hand never meets your palm, and instead clasps all four fingers, crushing them together.
  • The cold and clammy... feels like you're shaking hands with a snake. Warm up your hand first before grabbing someone else's.
  • The sweaty palm... is pretty self-explanatory, and pretty gross. Talcum powder to the rescue.
  • The "I've got you covered" grip... happens when the other person covers your hand with his or her left hand as if your shake is secretive.
  • The "I won't let go"... seems to go on for eternity because the other person won't drop his or her hand. After two or three pumps, it's time to let go. "It's a lot like a kiss -- you know when it's over," Brody says.
  • The "southpaw"... happens when the person uses the left hand to shake because the right hand has food or a drink. Always carry your drink and plate with your left hand to keep your right one free for meet and greets.
  • The "ringed torture"... occurs when the person's rings hurt your hand. Try to limit the number of rings you wear on the right hand to only one or two and be mindful of any that have large stones.

Three steps to a proper handshake

Some other things to keep in mind:
As you're approaching someone, extend your right arm when you're about three feet away. Slightly angle your arm across your chest, with your thumb pointing up.
Lock hands, thumb joint to thumb joint. Then, firmly clasp the other person's hand -- without any bone crushing or macho posturing.
Pump the other person's hand two to three times and let go.
Six tips to an effective meet 'n greet
Stand up.
Step or lean forward.
Make eye contact.
Have a pleasant or animated face.
Shake hands.
Greet the other person and repeat his or her name

Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. The information contained in this article may not be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority.


So apparently there's another movement in the blogging a post everyday this month on your blog,nablopomo.
Which is an impressive feat in itself that something blog worthy can be written everyday. I hope everyone that is attempting this succeeds and doesn't burn out.

  • I got Will I. AM's new cd and I have to say its really good. Its poppy (that's so a old person saying) its not depressing at all and you can dance to it. Which I haven't really done in a while,that makes me sad!

  • I went to a concert last week and then it hit me, I'm old. I use to be the hipster, you know the one in with the end. Well I had two cases of being not cool and old. The concert was filled with teens who all had skinny jeans and odd hair styles and i had a tucked shirt. Needless to say I wasn't blending that well. However the most distrubing occurence was when I was hitting at the ball machine and I decided to stay and watch some guys play basketball. Apparently I wasn't cool enough or something because the buster on the side went over to this other buster and said something, which made him look back at me and laugh. If they only knew.....This stuff is cyclical, it will happen to you too! Ugh I'm depressed now.

  • Here's another picture of the Mute Math picture. Great concert but I really can't be standing for like 2 hours anymore and being rubbed up on by dudes, ladies...well thats another story. Oh before I go I had a off moment at the concert. This guy had to get by so I backed up against the rail that I was leaning on, you know the move. Well apparently this guy has never been to a concert because instead of giving me the cheek he gives me the front...think about it..yeah guys don't do

  • oh one more picture...from the concert last week...


    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    Finally a post worth posting.

    So I thought this weekend would be uneventful and to be honest it had been until I got a call around 10p from my little sis, Alex, many of you haven't met, her well if you have its not because I've introduced you to her. I'm sorta of guarded about my family, anyways, So we just started talking hey what's up. blah blah, when she tells me that she just got engaged!! I couldn't help but to cry, my baby sister was all grown up for realz. I couldn't be happier, its odd because its different when someone you've known your whole finds that person that they will start a new life with. I remember Titi always following me around and wearing my hand me downs, playing cops and robbers. I have pics but obviously not here.
    Anyways so that's my little sis and her soon to be hubby, Noah. I've met him, he's a pretty nice guy, so I'm not sad about that just that I wasn't with my mom and GMa when she told them. I was all the way down here doing crap and having a drink, really lame man, really lame. Anyways I'm really happy for this addition to my special little family. signing off from Otown this is les, a happy older bro saying goodnight.

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Day Man from Sunny


    Night Man

    I can't watch this without laughing so hard that I Cry!!

    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Fall:the last real season..

    Being in the sunny but also always wet state of Florida I'm exposed to perhaps the most amazing weather year long. Granted I would trade my summers since its like a baking oven around here in July. However the one thing I long for right about now is those colorful trips on 31 driving down to the beach. The leaves are all but bright red, orange, and brown up in the northern part of the country, sadly I just couldn't help but notice that I still miss that time of year. I think i might write about this every year around this time, I guess you can't take the fall out of me. I snicker at the thought of Floridians grabbing their jackets when it gets below 70, I would laugh aloud if I weren't one of them now. I think of the countless times I swore off racking leaves which is ironic because I would want nothing more to jump into a big pile of leaves and be buried underneath the crisp brown remains of what once was so full of green leafy life. A bit much,perhaps but all of you up north take that for granted like I take the sunny days for granted. Anyways, I need to get to bed. Its late and I haven't got all night to dream.

    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Things of Interest

    • Why is it so hard to say what's new when people ask you but when no one is asking you have all this stuff going on?
    • Tim @ Smokey Bone's let me leave without paying my bill and had faith in me to call back to pay my bill. Background- I forgot my wallet at work so when I ordered my food I had no way of paying for it! I felt embarrassed but he was like "its all, good finish your meal and call it in when you get to work!" I left him a nice tip!
    • It's always sunny in Philadelphia could be the gem of FX-TV. Though i think I could make a similar TV show with 4 Mexicans that would be funnier, in Spanish!
    • There isn't anything better than a good song to fall asleep to.
    • People that pretend to be hard don't scare me, its the quiet one's that terrify me.
    • What the hell is O.J thinking? Don't come back to Florida, nothing good can come from it!
    • I found out another reason why sports are awesome, you can argue about shit even when you're not playing the sport.
    • I'm going to enter my t-shirt idea to threadless, I'm convinced that I can have a t-shirt made with my little saying.
    • I sometimes will spend hours doodling, I'm 28 and I doodle!
    • I really don't like blonde's! Really....
    • The other day I thought what it would be like to be thanks.
    • Finally, the juicy stuff. I officially lost it on Sunday playing tennis. In the midst of being totally frustrated and irritated I launched my tennis racquet out of the tennis court 100 ft away on the roof of the clubhouse. Yes, the roof. I was in disbelief and I started to laugh. I had to scale a fence, which by way the left nice cuts on my hands and then climbed on to the roof of the clubhouse. Then I jump off the roof( probably 15ft and landed flat on my ass to which i rolled out. Gosh..That was so much work!


    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    10 yrs Ago?

    What’s the deal with Hush puppies; no I don’t mean the afford ably priced shoes but the balls of mush that you get whenever you get lost and end up at Long John’s Silver! I think for the most part that might be the most disgusting fast food chain of all the chains, the despair in the workers eyes is as if they’re being forced to work there. Why would I bring this up, well I was there today! I ventured into one of those combo tacobell/LJS to see if by any chance this had gotten better. They have, the place was clean, and the workers seem to be genuinely happy to see me. One of them asked how my food was. When does that ever happen at Taco bell or LJS? Probably never, so I sat there eating my plank and fish with a side of deep fried sprinkles of batter, I came to realize that Hush Puppies aren’t really given to us to eat but to play with. I mean who in their right mind would put those balls in their mouth?? I never hear of anyone saying can I please have extra hush puppies on the side, please! My sister use to only want to eat hush puppies but then again Alex was the only child I know that didn’t brush her teeth for 5 yrs! (Ages 1-5 perhaps it wasn’t that long but I never saw here use a tooth brush when she was baby!)

    Its funny how things we use to do brought us joy fail to do so later on in life! I use to love being by myself for a long period of time. I use to think that I was cool when I ate dinner by myself at restaurant, like I was really important or something! Yeah I don’t like eating by myself anymore and I certainly don’t like being alone for a long period of time unless I’m avoiding people then its more of a necessity thing. This brings me to my most pressing matter, my high school reunion! Oh good Lord it’s been 10 yrs since I last walked the halls of Grand Rapids Christian High. I don’t know if I can go back there, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a loser or anything like that but I don’t know if I would put myself through that situation willingly. A room full of Midwest Dutch Christian Reform adults! My eyes would only reveal true plangent instead of my occasional impassible self. There are only a few people I’d like to see, which ironically I did see when my sister graduated in 2002. I saw her, the girl I had an incredible crush on all junior year and senior year. Ashley H (I wish I could find a picture to show you), she was this cute brunette with short hair and a quiet way about her. I never really talked to her because a) she was really cute b) and she had a boyfriend (who happened to look like a Brad Pitt when he was in legend of the falls!) Anyways I don’t know that I’d really care to see anyone or anyone would remember me since I was the guy that just tried to go un noticed while I was there. I’m sure I could mingle and recognize some old faces but I don’t think I have the stomach or patience to hear how people have been these past 10yrs when I didn’t really care what they were doing that day while I was there, to do that I’d have to cozen them about how happy I was to be there and I’m to nice to do that

    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    Scary Movies

    I had this post already launched about how the hills have eyes 2 was horrible but then I read it and I said to myself this is the worst thing I've written ever, even more so then that one time I let people know about my secret blog I was writing about someone that we will not mention their name. Speaking of, I think that person is very sneaky or mean spirited in that she told me not too long ago how much she disliked a certain someone and she made it clear that she wanted me to know that. But the person she didn't like just had a birthday and she posted a happy birthday wish on this person myspace!! WTF? anyways the US OPEN starts this week!!! AH I love tennis!

    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    To Megan

    I don't know who you are but in response to your comment, There is no racial badgering in my post. I was merely describing the situation. The whole post has no mere relevance, this blog has no relevance. I think many times we get caught up in being politically correct when we should be candid and quite blatantly honest when talking about things. I'll ask you the question that perhaps you should ask yourself,

    If I hadn't mentioned who was in car, who would have you imagined driving the car?

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Very odd morning

    I was on my way to work this morning and I saw a cop drop his little ticket binder in the middle of the road. He threw on his flashing lights and stopped traffic to collect them and the he peeled out. I thought that was funny. About 5 minutes later I was about to turn onto the highway when out of now where this car is rushing by me with the two black guys and they're being followed by i think 7 cops. There was a motorcycle cop and like 6 cars, IT was a freaking car chase and it was awesome!! Then it all of sudden it seemed like all the cops in Altamonte were flooding the highway! Needless to say that was the highlight of the day.

    Friday, July 27, 2007

    Never under-estimate the power of the ego!

    This shirt was given to me by the Fuste's and holly said that I would never fit into to it. She was partly right since its from Thailand and apparently broad shoulders were not thought of when they constructed the shirt. Anyways this is me gloating at the fact that I fit in the shirt. OK actually I look high or something?
    Anyways Holly found a new artist and I'm totally downloading all his boot leg music to my delight. Thank you Limewire. His name is, if you're wondering and I know you are!, Jay Brannan. I would suggest listening to Soda Shop. Those that have money to burn can go to Itunes to get his tracks but if you're like me and you feel music should be free, well you might endure some long downloading time but its worth the wait
    powered by ODEO
    So yeah I guess I just saved you the trouble by doing that....anyways
    I stayed up to write something so I should write it....
    " Can't stop running, my lungs are burning, they're burning for air.
    I keep on looking but I'm looking for something that isn't there.
    I'm hot when I should be cold, I'm sweating when I should be dry.
    My timing couldn't be worse, I have this yearning, its more like a thirst, a thirst that has no quench and
    I've ended up taking a w/o end. There's a cliff on both sides and the only way off is to jump.
    I hope I grow wings."

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Whats on my mind...

    I know its just smile, a little smile that I get caught up on

    its got me thinkin about you and It just won't stop.

    I hear you say you're usually shy and how you don't do this

    but why is my name still fresh on your mind and my number on your phone?

    Wish I could run into you for the first time over and over, you tend to leave a good

    impression, a lovely after thought and the answer to my question.. You're absolutely stunning

    and I can't stop staring, my heart keeps beating yelling, saying, and daring me to get your attention

    to alleviate this pressure this tension of me wanting to tell you that I can't stop smiling every time you show me some affection .

    Like a movie ending or even a fairy tale everything seems to be in the right place, you got that look that I've been looking for, got me questioning if I ever knew you before

    your perfect smile and those bright eyes keep me going on strong till we meet again. Wish you'd

    dial my number more often, instead of hesitating on pushing that send button.

    You got me buzzin with that shot of you,in my system quit playing games with my mind

    taking up all my thoughts and wasting my time just thinking bout you.

    tired of being so distant, so far away from you, maybe someday, someway, somehow, sometime I'll find a way to back to you.

    Its gets harder to say goodbye when I'm just thinking about How I just said hi

    You gotta know I'm gonna catch up to you, its only a matter of time till we're together

    Going insane from our short time get togethers, can't get enough, can you hear me sigh?

    No more good-byes and no more long nights, just you and me how its suppose to be.

    Sunday, July 01, 2007


    Today is Canada Day! yea I know what you're thinking- what does that actually mean to you and me! Well there's no real reason for us to be celebrate it but I feel that there's other holidays that i could probably do without. For instance what is president's day? Like what really happened on that day that makes all the banks and postal offices clothes. I mean for all meaningful purposes I just thought that the rest of the US stop doing anything major on my birthday! yeah it usually falls on President day. So anyways as of late I've been really getting back to to Music that has some lyrical depth to it.I know i'm jumping to another subject with out an lead in but I mean you've read this far and I still haven't mentioned the title of the entry, just like a good movie, I'll keep that till the most important part of this otherwise meaningless jargon of crap. I feel like I haven't really talked about anything meaningful on this damn thing. I mean the thing that usually gets me going is the lack of anything going but I can't really say that right now. I once made the mistake of opening up and expressing what I really felt and I got a couple of comments from people that I had never met or heard of which scared the crap out of me.

    Which made me think, I only really write truthfully how I feel when I'm hurt or in totally depressed. But for the most part I'm so content that I'm just like whatever and this leads me to try to create some kind of drama for myself to keep myself for drowning in the boredom of life. Like I meet people that our genuinely happy to be around other people and I wonder why they do it, I mean I do it ( be around people) for the chance that they'll say something funny or a the chance of making a connection but for the most part I find most people are the same. They're insecure about something that they work really hard mask by doing or being something they're not...sometimes you meet people that have that Independence from the social term or idea of being cool. I find it refreshing to meet perfectly and totally insane people, I keep telling myself that I need to stop talking to these kinds of individuals but its like a car wreck, I can't keep away.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Hump day.

    Why is that when ever i want to write, like really write about what I feel I get this blockage, this huge mass of fog hovering over me like a blanket of blackness disabling every thought into just a single period. Its like laughing at a joke in your head and no one around to share it with, its quite frustrating! I mean, I sometimes wonder where I've gone, I don't recognize myself sometimes when Re-read things I've written. I'm embarrassed but there's no around to laugh at me!?

    I just thought I'd write down what google says I "Need" "Want" "Love" "Wishes"

    • Google says Les needs eyeballs? Really, Eyeballs.

    • Google says Les wants love again. HMM

    • and Google say Les loves his big chopper!!

    • finally Google say, well apparently Les wishes some french stuff???

    I guess I'll just close my eyes and see what tomorrow makes of today.

    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Because imtations is a form of flattery@

    Animated Experiencer

    I took this from Jessica who took it from Trisha who perhaps found it on a widget.

    To see what me is about

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    threw it out

    Well more like slung it out..I've had it up to here( if you could see me pointing to my brow you'd see how) I've wasted my last ounce of time on HALO2, I got so mad tonight that i grabbed the game out of the xbox and whipped out the garage as hard as i could. I can't do it anymore..i just can't.

    Monday, June 11, 2007

    You wouldn't know from this picture but there lies a city of people behind those two giant ice cream eating hotties! If you notice theres a small man raising his arms in desperation (below jess's ice cream love it size cup).
    So Crane's Roost is pretty cool, the girls and me ventured over there where we talked about life and love. There were people all around running, talking, chasing ducks. Jess decided that she wanted to do chase this duck around to see if would fly around but all the duck did was go around in circles like it was playing tag?! Holly has a video of it maybe we'll upload here. Then when we thought that we had seen everything we could see the lights were killed and music, such glorious music played, a stream of lights flashed out of the fountain. There was a 9p fountain show to our surprise. I have proof! Its whats for dinner

    The grand finale

    Thats all for now..

    Friday, June 08, 2007

    YOu and I

    I don't know why its always more enjoyable to read other peoples thoughts then to formulate my own. I suppose that I get bored thinking about it and then writing it. I wish the didn't do away with the Audio blog. I'm more of a people kind of person, though I find it hard to look at people straight in the eye because it can become quite intense not sexually mind you but I think you can really tell what people are thinking when you look into their eyes. I don't think I'm ready for most people to know what I'm thinking. I don't think they're ready to know that, do you follow. I'm all about those words, pages,pages and more forwards of words.

    SO with that in mind I'll just say a bit or two about what is going on...

    How can you stare at that wall without wanting to run through it? Doesn't feel right, so off so un familiar to feel the way that I feel. Turn away from what I've known to possibly chase a dream that has no really end in sight. Stubborness filled with notions that make sense to me and only me. Get yourself up and to only have you get knocked down again. Its time to take a chance because all the wrong reason will always be there. You could sleep on it, sleep till you can't do anything but get up and face it. No pity party, no toast here, just plain ol life looking right at you and seeing you for what you really are, can't run from it and you can't hide from it. There's no cute little tabs to categorize how I'm feeling, no quick fix online to make me feel better. I can laugh aloud in front of you but what really keeps up at night is the unchanging thought that keeps me awake, I drown the voices with the music but the music always stops and there it is again! I won't worry my life away....

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    Where has the time gone..

    Apparently its almost June! What, i blinked and it was summer. Well its always summer here in Orlando but you know what I mean. Peanut butter on the outside jelly in the inside, thats a profound lyric from the 36 Mafia!! Anywho, I was in Dave's and Mellie's wedding and I came away with this from that wedding.

    1) I love to dance but I love watching others dance more! Dave's mom has incredible moves.

    2) Its never comfortable sitting with two people that are very uncomfortable around each other

    3) Make sure that the person that you're walking in with isn't sick, because long after they leave you still stay sick, Thanks April!
    oh more thing i'm getting a new room mate..and its not necessarily a hit with the GF!!
    stay tune to that..

    Monday, May 14, 2007

    I love my mom..

    So it was that time of year when you call your mother and thank her for enduring you for the past numbers of years and they respond to you in the manner like it was no big deal! Mother's day, thats right. I hope you called your mama and told her you love her and appreciate her. I know i did.

    I wish there was a good way of formatting these pictures so that it doesn't look like crap. I know that we all say that our mom's are the best and that might be true but I think I might have of one the best, to think that when I was 8 I use to think that my mom wasn't my mom but one of my friends mom, i think it because they had a lot of video games and I wasn't allowed to play them, stupid reason I know.

    With that being said,

    Te quero mucho Mama, gracias por todo!

    Tu hijo.

    Lester Francico.

    Saturday, April 28, 2007

    Rebutal..yeah, I have a rebutal, hmmm, what?

    At my current project as I like to call it I'm reminded how fun it is sometimes to just sit back and listen to people. Its amazing how many people resemble other people from TV. Like there's this guy that looks like an older Alton from the real world, he talks just like him and is cut just like him. then there's this scary old guy that looks like he just killed someone with a rusty butter knife across the room who intent in where a tie to this place. My favorite character is the skinny gay guy who has a mushroom cut and a little ear ring, it straight of the early nineties! Which brings me to my real point, do you ever notice when people are by themselves among large pockets of people they need to be doing something, either pretending to be on their cell phones, or drinking water even if its warm just to seem like you have nothing to and you don't really need to talk to anyone? My favorite is having your hand in your pockets because thats how normal people walk, like penguins? Its such a hard habit to break!

    You know what else I noticed? That i don't like dolls that have those little eyes that open when you pick them, I always feel like they'll start talking to me and I won't know what to do.

    Also why is it that everyone has an opinion on how you should live your life but they don't head their own advice, have we turned into our parents or does that only eventually happen when you have kids. LIke i keep on hearing, "oh you'll understand when you have your own kids!"

    I hope it doesn't take that long. I mean ,I get it, you never stop being a parent and just a friend.

    all i can say that is that is has to be the coolest magic trick that we call all do, make love and 9 months later you have little piece of you and your wife right in front of you!

    I'm rambling so I'm going to get ready for church.

    Friday, April 20, 2007

    Is it safe to go to school?

    I'm sitting on my red target chair with the blind drawn wide open listening to Josh Groban, yes Josh Groban. The thought that has been passing through my head these past couple days have been that there is a growing problem with violence. We, me, you, your and neighbors are at war at two fronts. While causalities are to be expected on the streets of some city in Iraq what the hell is going on here? Virgina Tech, even at my Alma mater there was a deranged seminar student strangling a professor. As i write this there is a report of a gunman at NASA! I might sounds harsh in saying this but if you feel the need to kill yourself take yourself and spare everyone else around you. There is never a reason to kill a room full of students, seriously! I try to not watch the news for this same reason, I don't need to watch it on to know that we're all messed up. I know that there is some real shit going on out there but really when isn't there. So I would like to say thank you to all you bloggers that continue to write about how your boobs are small, or how you cleaned up large amounts of poop and throw up. I appreciate reading about how you still can't pay your taxes on time..anything to keep my mind off the fact that the ride to school might be the last ride you might take. It would seem that our generation has taken the motto of the pen is mightier than the sword and shattered it. Stay safe...

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    The only time holly has liked my facial hair. I shaved it to a mustache the very next day but she yelled at me and threaten to not leave the house with me if I didn't shave. I wish I had evidence of that bodacious stache!

    So I've been sleeping on the couch while I've been here and needless to say that I've missed my bed but not because its big and comfortable but because I don't have to be covered in a sleeping bag and a down comforter! Its all good, you do what you have to do to be with the people that make you go! I have found a new love, reading! Well at least books that deal with sports or big personalities so lets not go giving each other a pat on the back and please hold back on the book club invitations. Its amazing that if i close my eyes and just listen all I can hear is the rain dropping the rooftop and the occasional car whiz past King st ave. This is truly a nice place to live, its something that I can only remember. The itch to be close to the city is too big for me especially with a metro as interesting as the GTA!!! Anyways I was listening to J.Mayer and I couldn't get this lyrics out of my mind..

    .......No I'm not colorblind

    I know the world is black and white

    Try to keep an open mind

    But I just can't sleep on this tonight

    Stop this train

    I wanna get off

    And go home again

    I can't take the speed it's moving in

    I know I can't

    But honestly, won't someone stop this train?

    Don't know how else to say it......

    OH yeah, pictures.. I can't find holly's camera to upload any up yet. So I'll leave with this one of HAT.

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    What do you mean its delayed?

    So on my recent trip to Toronto was plagued with delays. I left my house around 1230 ish and didn't leave Orlando till 4:30. I was scheduled to leave at 2:55. I got to Chicago to meet yet another delay. I was there for over 5 hours....Needless to say that i arrived 5 1/2 hours later than I was suppose to...but then my girl picked me up and I forgot how long I had sat on an airplane.
    Though I did have a good experience with my single serving friend from Chicago to Toronto. A delightful women with years of experience in life. She reminded me of my mother with her positive energy and warm eyes. We talked about her life and her love interests, well her two previous marriages that ended with divorce due to involvement of alcohol in the marriage, even with such devastating life crutches she still had the optimism of a women with hope. She talked to me in detail about her daughters and cousins. She was a proud lady, I appreciated her encouragement as I talked to her about my future plans. Eleanor, thanks for the talk.

    Oh, one more thing, apparently in Canada there are flying squirrells that attack bird feeders. I'll try to get some video of this before I leave.
    Well bye for now..

    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    Yeah..I know she loves...

    So my trek to the great white north begins is 48hours or so..I'm excited to leave florida for a little bit and see how the poloar bears live (i.e everyone else that wears coats). I especially looking forward to the little games that we play at the thorne's house about who gets to do what. Its usually holly because she's the not married one ( don't worry baby I'm really working on that) and then me because i'm the sidekick of the equation. I don't mind but she gets all huffy and puffy, its sorta of cute until she starts to yell, then i just want to hide. I wonder if I'll get to sit with someone interesting. Its come to my realization that I have no problem to talking to complete strangers about anything. Most recently I struck a conversation with a older man smoking a cig outside of starbucks ( i bought a hybrid juice drink if you're wondering what kind of coffee drinker I am- I'm not!) and he overheard craig and I's conversation about baseball. He asked me if I was a player and i said no ( I think he assumed I was since I'm am Latino and one thing we do know how to do is play shortstop or steal..oh sorry about that last one!?) So goes about asking me where I'm from and if I went to college. I tell him I'm from Michigan and I went to Andrews University, you know what this guy says?

    Berrien Springs right? I was like how did you know that? I didn't have to go into the whole spiel about how its 30 min north of Norte Dame! So I tell him I'm struggling with the idea of going back to Grad School because of the money issue, I tell him I'm thinking about taking out ugh more loans. He says to me, don't do it, go to the library and find this book____ and send out 20 request, I'll get at least 3 scholarships if I do that. He goes on to tell me that I can get into Dartmouth, Princeton, NYU, or Chicago ( school of economics) if I can write a good essay. He was very hospitable but then he started talking to me about how he was 3 wives and 600 hundred children. Apparently he's a millionaire. I asked for his name and all he gave me is Hamilton. Which could be a another way of saying My name is tom. You see if you re arrange the letters you get "I am Thon." That's just me being crazy. I gave him my number to see if we could talk to me some more. The 2 most important things I got out the conversation are, Keep the sabbath day and I will leave this world once a week, also stopping talking to crazy people!

    Oh hol, I'll see you in like 46hours! Holla!

    Friday, March 16, 2007

    You wear such cool hats!

    I get that statement, comment, remark alot. I sorta of chuckle because people must think that I love wearing hat when that's really not the case. I would love nothing more to just let me hair grow out and be shaggy but ooops mother nature didn't allow me to do that any longer so I have become a fan of accessories, Hat's in particular. To adorn one's dome is Divine, well that's what the BOsely's Hair Institute said but I think they'll say anything to make men feel good about themselves when they're losing their hair. I guess I accepted that process because there was no other alternative. What, take the pill, no thanks I wasn't keen about having my DNA change. What about rogaine, well that's fine and dandy if one remembers to apply it everyday and frankly I forget to brush my teeth some times what made me think that I could remember to do that. I know gross...
    SO when it came down to it, I was just too scared and lazy to do anything about it. I sometimes look at the way i use to look and I get a little sad...but that is life.

    OK Its really really really late and I'm awake?! But more crazy than that, craig was just up with me!!!!
    I swear I'll see a flying pig at any moment......

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    let the madness begin..

    Tomorrow is the beginning of a beautiful its not Friday, and no I don't get presents. Its march madness, where college basketball takes over day time soaps, and grown men hover over little scores and endless amounts of paper is literally wasted on useless brackets. Yeah, its great.

    In other news, I think I've over stayed my stay at a certain place. The co workers are beginning to think that I'm one of them, you know they're asking questions that take our superficial friendships to an unknown area that I'm not really comfortable with. They want to hang out...I don't really like hanging out with people i work with..because I don't like the two worlds colliding. I just started accepting the fact that I have to talk to my neighbors. Anyways I think I have to grow up and get my ass back in the game...the game of life....i'm tragically being left in the dust.....damn..

    I know that alot of you don't watch family guy be it that you can't get over that its a really funny show with improbable satire fitting of real live actors that somehow have found itself in a cartoon...well get over it, I don't watch it because I think the cartoons are really well drawn...


    Stay out of the sun...though I know being tan is a choice its a very dangerous one. Just accept that I wake up with this complexion...and no...its not great...its marvelous

    Monday, March 12, 2007

    I can they say its 12:19am when my body says its still 11:19am!

    I've been avoiding the news like a visit to the dentist, ( sorry Justin, there isn't anything more annoying then visiting someone to look into your mouth and then have some small talk while they dig and clean your teeth), the reasoning: There's just sad crap on the news. I use to think that world news would be better but its impossible for me because I live in Florida, something bad always happens in Florida!! I went to tonight and these where some of the Headline's

    • Comedian commits suicide
    • 101 yr old woman mugged
    • wild fires threaten multi million dollar homes ( I know my west coast friends don't have multi millions homes but I hope you're safe!)
    • Bush orders more troops to Iraq (apparently the gas prices are too high so we've got steal more oil!- that comment will probably cost me a job at the CIA, FBI, or DIA!!
    • Beserk house cat sends owner to the hospital. (seriously that was the headline! WTF!)

    Yeah, news that makes it in the "news" is usually bad..

    ok, thats all..

    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    The headline read:

    Man found alone wearing pj's from valentine's day 2001. Apparent cause of lack of sleep, the inability to conjure up a real thought. The real sense of change is a welcomed thought but the action is, the action is what really is lacking. I'm the kind of person that thinks of re-meeting people that i already know because the thought of me not choosing to befriend them excites me. I re watch movies to the point that i can recite the lines without a second thought. At least I'm not timid when it comes to confrontation, though i do let people walk over me because I'm afraid of saying what really is on my mind, wait does that mean I'm not good when it comes to confrontations? Hmm, yet another thing to worry about tonight. I think i was born a decade to early. I remember thinking the 90's where so...wishy washy. First I was grunge, in the middle i was hip hop and by the end of the decade I was full blown preppy. I couldn't make up mind how i wanted to be seen...that problem went away. I find it funny that this gay guy at work feels the need to tell me what I should wear! I know that for better than not, Gay men have a sense of style but I don't think pressed jeans and ironed shirts constitute you being a fashionista. I'm watching Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind, if that were possible, to clear your mind of things that brought you pain, embarrassment, discomfort...would you do it?

    anyways its late and i should be asleep...

    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Is there anything worse..

    I don't know about you but i find extremely annoying when someone tells me I'm angry when I'm really not angry just annoyed or frustrated. Its like having a fight with a little kid, you can never really win. Anyways March is here and people are getting all stir crazy from the north. They can feel the sand under their feet and feel the warmth of the sun's bright rays on their skin...that's right spring break is here! Soon this town will be over ran by out of staters(I don't know if that is a real word) flocking to the beach and filling the popular hang out spots that I don't frequent. They're trying to come in and I'm trying to get out! Yeah, I think this is time of year is worse than summer when its unbearably hot and not a cool breeze in sight. Ah, I really wouldn't mind a ski trip about right now..but I leave in the south and snow is not part of anyone's vocabulary. I'm hoping for cooler weather in a month when I fly up to Toronto to see Holly but Last time i was up there it was humid and hot....Cananda's crazy the last time I was up there I saw a moose begging for some money, the extent that they will go to is insane...

    Yeah its crazy times up there, one could say its crazier than going to the ghetto or seeing Chester Cheetah after his gigs with cheetos!

    Ok,ok, tricks but wouldn't everything be better if you have a flash back like that time I posed for a wacky science book...="350">

    It just made me ponder and go a little nuts..

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    How does it feel?

    (This is my 1st birthday)

    Gosh, Its that time of year. You know when people act all happy that you're a day older. I don't think I relish in it as much as others do. I feel odd about people wishing me a happy b-day or perhaps not so much who does as much as who doesn't wish me happy birthday. I guess I always assume that no one will remember or even care to mention it, though by writing this I'm making those that don't know and read this to remember..hmmm..yeah..Don't get me wrong I love getting little emails and cards with little notes. I think thats awesome but I just get a little bit sad because I'm getting older and I'm just getting use to being as old as I am. I didn't want to say bye 21 but I topic I find it funny that clothes for little kids are sized according to their age, why dont they do that for us. Like I'm looking for a size of 27 and thats all I would have to say. ...ok back to my point. So to answer my own question, it feels bittersweet to have a birthday, I'm enjoying another year but I'm having to leave thing behind that I'm use to..I don't think I can get away with wearing torn up jeans that much longer without being those guys that can't let go of his youth!

    ( This is me thinking that the world was full of promise and perhaps a real shot at stardom)-->

    Yes there were times of greatness like that time i was part of the boy band, the now defunct ed "Tres Amigos"

    That's me in the middle, I was the lead singer. We wore red bow ties to be differentiated from the rest of the bands. We liked to line up according to height as if we were a musical scale! you're probably wondering why the band broke up. Well we had a difference of opinions Noah and I were gun ho about coming out in Osk Kosh outfits but the Mike wasn't too sure it would enhance our image. We weren't the Tres amigo's after that. After that my life just regressed as you can see here I just got out of Betty Ford for my apple juice addiction. After that, the rest of the years were a blur. I was able to land some tv show cameo's on Telemundo and later on Univision's equivalent to eight is enough but it was only 5 kids and it dealt with the life's of 4 smiling girls and a depressed kid. It was called el nino y las 4 chica's (4 chics and a kid) here was the promo shot.The show was short lived but i did gain praise from critics and did a after school special about, that's right, apple juice. Here's the cast picture for that show.
    I had to lose some weight and find a way to hide my age.Anyways next time I'll tell you about my adolescences. Till then.

    Friday, January 26, 2007

    So tell me Les...

    " how long have you been doing the triangles?"
    "hmm, a long time", "i was one of the first."

    What is art? I don't think I know what art is? I know what i like but for time sake lets just say its the same old crap you find in any art book at your local barnes & noble. I have a copy of a Van Gogh's midnight sky or whatever its officially called. I stare at it everyday before i go to sleep and its the first thing i see when I wake up. I think that I figured it isn't so much what is being created as much as its who's creating it. The Mona Lisa, Picasso's blue era, Van Gogh's self-portrait wouldn't be so well received if it hadn't been for the fact that artist themselves were art!

    Anyways I leave with you this lyric from Gilbert & Sullivan
    The sun, whose rays
    Are all ablaze
    With ever-living glory,
    Does not deny
    His majesty
    He scorns to tell a story!
    He don't exclaim,
    "I blush for shame,So kindly be indulgent."
    But, fierce and bold,
    In fiery gold,
    He glories all effulgent!
    I mean to rule the earth,
    As he the sky
    We really know our worth,
    The sun and I!
    I mean to rule the earth,
    As he the sky
    We really know our worth,
    The sun and I!
    Observe his flame,
    That placid dame,
    The moon's Celestial Highness;
    There's not a trace
    Upon her face
    Of diffidence or shyness:
    She borrows light
    That, through the night,
    Mankind may all acclaim her!
    And, truth to tell,
    She lights up well,
    So I, for one, don't blame her!
    Ah, pray make no mistake,
    We are not shy;
    We're very wide awake,
    The moon and I!
    Ah, pray make no mistake,
    We are not shy;
    We're very wide awake,
    The moon and I!

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    Nicolas Cage

    I'm not one to rant and rave but I have to say that hollywood would be more believable if actors like Nick Cage weren't acting. I just saw perhaps the worst horror movie-wicker man. It wasn't that the movie didn't make any damn sense,which it didn't, but having to see Nicolas Cage act as a poor man's Colombo was unbearable. He was a police officer from California waving his badge in Washington? On top of this he drop kicks leelee sobieski and punches this lady to take her gorilla suit???? what???!!!

    Anyways stay away from "The Wicker Man" and Nicolas Cage!
    If you want mindless entertainment watch the Hills or yet another road rules/real world challenge..

    Friday, January 19, 2007

    You know i need you..

    (I should of posted this like two weeks ago but i kept on forgetting! )

    I think there's an song that goes like that
    " like the desert needs the rain you know i need you..." ok i don't know if thats actually a lyric in that song but i think i like it.

    So what's the deal with global warming? I've been really interested in CO2 emission lately and how the US is planning to cut down on them. I find it funny that I've lived in places where there isn't any clean air mandates. Perhaps its because i leave in states with a large number of rednecks! I mean theres nothing wrong with being a redneck but there is some kind of mentality that give the environment the proverbial finger!

    In other news that I find quite interesting, Steve Jobs and Apple have found a way to impregnate a Cellphone with an Ipod? Yet another Apple product to spend $500 dollars on! I would wait a year so you can get the new colors and the new Ipod phone with 8G, don't make the mistake I did by buying an Ipod NANO which by the time it got to me was old news since they had the new colors and more space. I'm bitter, very bitter.

    The word of the day: NO!

    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    Sexually harassed

    Ok so i guess the title of this post is perhaps misleading in that I really wasn't offended by the experience but yet it was a bit interesting that a gay man can tell me what he would like to do to me and have it be comical, its a double standard really! I won't get into to it but he was quite animate in what he would want to do to me if I stopped seeing my lady!? Yeah, odd?? So anyways whats been going on people, like what's the 411 people...i feel so disconnected from all you bloggers, and myspacer's. I know that everyone loves getting emails or comments, I'm no different but I wish I could do it without having to write any of those emails or comments.I'm a lazy blogger!! Yeah i said it, its the constant pressure of writing witty, meaningful, or entertaining material. Well at least the pursuit of such excellence but I fall short of any of those things, instead you get misspelled words, missing letters, or incoherent sentences which sometimes might be entertaining to you perfectionist!

    " I want to taaaallllk to you, though you might not waaant me too, i still want to taaalk to you"...OK sorry I'm having a barry gibbs withdrawal.

    SO that all of you have clicked away, i hope to get back to this little thing called life, i mean love, no that's not it..oh yeah blogging. Cuz you know what they say "if you're not blogging you're not living" or is it if you're not living you're not blogging? hmmm