Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hump day.

Why is that when ever i want to write, like really write about what I feel I get this blockage, this huge mass of fog hovering over me like a blanket of blackness disabling every thought into just a single period. Its like laughing at a joke in your head and no one around to share it with, its quite frustrating! I mean, I sometimes wonder where I've gone, I don't recognize myself sometimes when Re-read things I've written. I'm embarrassed but there's no around to laugh at me!?

I just thought I'd write down what google says I "Need" "Want" "Love" "Wishes"

  • Google says Les needs eyeballs? Really, Eyeballs.

  • Google says Les wants love again. HMM

  • and Google say Les loves his big chopper!!

  • finally Google say, well apparently Les wishes some french stuff???

I guess I'll just close my eyes and see what tomorrow makes of today.


Kendra said...

isn't hump day wednesday?

i'm clearly lost on this one!! ;) i guess i must have missed the joke!!

Les said...

i did post on wednesday but i guess my settings were set for Pacific standard time.

Kendra said...

ohhhh i see. thanks for giving me renewed faith in myself! ;)