Friday, May 28, 2010

Tengo Mucha Hambre!

For some reason I decided to miss lunch today which turns out was a bad idea. Compounded by the fact that I only had an apple, a granola bar, and yogurt for breakfast. OK, when taking inventory it sounds like I had a sizable amount of food this morning but it wasn't I'm starting to feel weak! At least I wasn't like the Sun's coach last night! Poor guy was throwing up on the sideline!!! Gross ( I won't link the vid).

Well the summer is right around the corner, summer wedding are starting soon..Luckily I only have two this summer but there is a good amount of traveling in store for me. I'll be up in Michigan in July, Texas in August, Portland, OR in Sept, and San Pedro Sula Honduras in October! Damn I'm gonna go broke! As a wise man once said, it doesn't matter its all about family ( Ironically enough that man is now bankrupt, go figure!)

hmm, my fingers are getting with only a couple of minutes till the holiday starts for yours truly I'll just end by saying I hope everyone that reads this or somehow got lost in the Internet tunnel that ended up here have a safe and fun memorial day. Remember its OK to wear white now! =)

Oh, one more thing. BP better clean up this environmental cluster fuck that they have created. This is getting ridiculous! We're staring at you BP!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Its never been this fun to get Lost.

I remember the first episode of Lost and how much I disliked it. I felt completely, well, lost. The mass number of characters, the chaos that ensued from the first episode coupled with my own theories on the plot ( little did I know that it would take more than just a glimpse to deduce this ever evolving story) I was over whelmed and ultimately tuned out.
5 Season would go on and I would be living an cocoon of ignorance bliss. There would be satire references to show that would just go over my head or characters that I would see on movies that people would quickly say
oh there were on LOST. At first I just ignored them, but its popularity seemed to explode the more I resisted falling prey to its enthralling storyline and captivating cast. No, I would not fall into that trap. Instead I would watch horrible shows like One Tree Hill ( which should be cancelled by the way) or Nip/Tuck.
Finally after some pleas from my friends and girl friend did start this belated story. I was so far behind but luckily my stubbornness also benefited me.
Unlike most of the loyal followers/fan who had to wait a week between shows and months between seasons I had the fortunate luck of being able to just watch them straight through. I re-visited season 1, this time with an open mind and a patient attitude. Its took 3 episodes for me to admit that I was terribly wrong about the show, that it was perhaps the greatest adventure to be put on TV. To tell you the truth season's 1-3 where kinda a blur, I was trying to hold on for dear life as the show took me in and out of the space continuum, well not really, but I was hooked. My girlfriend who wanted to re watch the shows with me couldn't keep up. I was on a torrid pace to catch up to season 6 which was a month away.
Now as there's one show left before sunday's finale I'm sad that the story has to end. Like any great story an end must be part of it.I have to say that my favorite season has to be season 5, the story well takes off there and we're able to put things together, not completely but there's a lot answers. My favorite Characters, well I really like Mr.Ecko, Sawyer, Juliette, Hurley, and Miles. Don't get me wrong Jack,Kate, and Locke are great but the role players really make the main characters shine.

Its funny, I would of never really imagined myself being so into a show like this but then again I usually don't like getting LOST either! 

Monday, May 03, 2010

So April just blew by...

This month,May, will be pretty much the same. I went last week to check up on the progress of my townhouse and it should be completed by the end of this month. Which is great, It will be nice to be moved in before the summer. It still feels odd that I'm buying a place here in Florida but I guess its about time to do big boy things. I think I'll give Florida 3 more years and then I'm moving north by that time 9 yrs is more than plenty of time for this part of the world. Anyways I'm feeling like I'm stuck at work. The signs are pointing to a dead end, while I'm extremely grateful for the past 3 yrs one can only go so far in a place that seems to have revolving doors when it comes to Upper Management. I'm hesitant due the current state of the economy though I know their are pocket of opportunities my experience leads me to believe that just like any other opportunity its about knowing the right people at the right time.

Anyways I'm heading up to Grand Rapids this weekend to see the family for mother's day. Its always nice to go back and spend time with my family. Every visit just reminds me more and more how much I miss them..

If I lived in a perfect world I'd be living in Chicago like I've always wanted to, its close enough to family that I can drive to them but far enough to keep them at bay! =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally an interesting thing to talk about..

Its an usually slow day today so I'm able to read and vacuum knowledge at an alarming rate. I came across this acticle regarding a topic I think most people can relate to. Read it and tell me what you think?

Ok after reading that what would your position be? Hmm, Its an interesting position to be in. I never want to get in the way of love. My last girlfriend for as horrible of a person she turned out to be I still loved her dearly because she got me but seeing how most of my friends didn't like her I doubt any of them would date her (besides I hear she's engaged). I can't say the same about other girls but can I really have an objection to there courtship/love affair/entanglement just because I once had a strong connection to their now girlfriend? No, the fact remains that timing has as much to do with love.
I don't know anyone elses feeling about it but its true that time does helps clear up those muddle feelings. I know for me that I analyzed and over analyzed why I did what I did to make it not work or vice versa. What I couldn't see then I see now, the timing just wasn't right and thats something you can't get back.

Honestly It does bother me that a friend would date an ex but just for the reason that I would have to see them again... its weird to see, its uncomfortable, and ultimately its annoying. Sorry I can't be the bigger man and say it doesn't matter but it does matter. There's nothing more annoying then being surrounded by friends and then having an ex there with your friend, it feels like the air was zapped out of the room (the only thing more crappy would be going somewhere and to see a friend and them not telling you that an ex would be there and that their dating..its not funny its just mean-I guess I'm still peeved about that)

Its hard to summarize but the world is filled with wonderful,interesting, and beautiful people; Its hard to believe one couldn't find someone that your friends haven't dated?!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I want a project

So lately I've been having some car nostalogia. One of my first memories of cars have been VW, my parents bought a 1985 VW Jetta brand new, it was a problematic car but I remember how much I loved this car. I've been a vw fan ever since. I've owned a 1997 Passat GLX, a 1990 VW Corrado G60 (which I love and I'll talk about more later on this post), and currently I'm driving an Audi A4 1.8t.

So the corrado was my dream car and I was able to obtain a gem at unbelievable price of 1800 dollars. The car that I drove had 57000 miles on it, ok I was basically given the car by a family friend. I loved that car like I loved my first was whirlwind love affair. Well I think I'm might of have found her again, the Rado not the girlfriend (she found me). Well not exactly the same one but its same color and model...I'm not a grease monkey but I'm thinking I'm willing to learn...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are we sick?

We build a strong foundation from the ground up and the other way around.. 

I don't want to say that most of America has a cold war mentality but the Health Care reform bill is inciting such strong reactions. Its almost reminiscent of when Barack won the election. The visuals of McCain's defeat speech you could see white America cry! I don't get it. In the same manner that I don't get why people are freaking out about this bill. The issue of health care has been like mythical monster that everybody insist exist but no one has ever seen it! I'm 31 yrs old, I convinced that I would never see a president of color in my life time and that a health care reform bill would be signed. I was wrong on both cases but the more and more I talked to people there is gap of understanding of how the bill would work. Get informed 

I'm not an advocate for the bill but instead a advocate for change. I'm ok with trying something new because the old way did not work. I suppose there will always be someone opposed to change because it will adversely change their life. I would just like to know who is ok living the way they live while others can't afford the basic medical services. If we live in the most modern country with the best technology and some of the brightest minds; then why do we act like we shouldn't know better? To move past our transgressions we have to let go our past mindsets. There was a time when it was ok to have bathrooms for whites and blacks, when women weren't allowed to vote, and when kings ruled the lands. Isn't it time to take steps towards a modern America and leave the historic ways in the past?