Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fall:the last real season..

Being in the sunny but also always wet state of Florida I'm exposed to perhaps the most amazing weather year long. Granted I would trade my summers since its like a baking oven around here in July. However the one thing I long for right about now is those colorful trips on 31 driving down to the beach. The leaves are all but bright red, orange, and brown up in the northern part of the country, sadly I just couldn't help but notice that I still miss that time of year. I think i might write about this every year around this time, I guess you can't take the fall out of me. I snicker at the thought of Floridians grabbing their jackets when it gets below 70, I would laugh aloud if I weren't one of them now. I think of the countless times I swore off racking leaves which is ironic because I would want nothing more to jump into a big pile of leaves and be buried underneath the crisp brown remains of what once was so full of green leafy life. A bit much,perhaps but all of you up north take that for granted like I take the sunny days for granted. Anyways, I need to get to bed. Its late and I haven't got all night to dream.


Mellie said...

If you want to see leaves and be buried in them, come to our house in a couple of months. There will be plenty, and you're more than welcome to rake them too. And the great part about that is you won't have to leave Florida to get that. =)

I'm only trying to help. No alterior motives or anything...haha.

Kendra said...

cute photo!