Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sexually harassed

Ok so i guess the title of this post is perhaps misleading in that I really wasn't offended by the experience but yet it was a bit interesting that a gay man can tell me what he would like to do to me and have it be comical, its a double standard really! I won't get into to it but he was quite animate in what he would want to do to me if I stopped seeing my lady!? Yeah, odd?? So anyways whats been going on people, like what's the 411 people...i feel so disconnected from all you bloggers, and myspacer's. I know that everyone loves getting emails or comments, I'm no different but I wish I could do it without having to write any of those emails or comments.I'm a lazy blogger!! Yeah i said it, its the constant pressure of writing witty, meaningful, or entertaining material. Well at least the pursuit of such excellence but I fall short of any of those things, instead you get misspelled words, missing letters, or incoherent sentences which sometimes might be entertaining to you perfectionist!

" I want to taaaallllk to you, though you might not waaant me too, i still want to taaalk to you"...OK sorry I'm having a barry gibbs withdrawal.

SO yeah..now that all of you have clicked away, i hope to get back to this little thing called life, i mean love, no that's not it..oh yeah blogging. Cuz you know what they say "if you're not blogging you're not living" or is it if you're not living you're not blogging? hmmm

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