Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yeah..I know she loves...

So my trek to the great white north begins is 48hours or so..I'm excited to leave florida for a little bit and see how the poloar bears live (i.e everyone else that wears coats). I especially looking forward to the little games that we play at the thorne's house about who gets to do what. Its usually holly because she's the not married one ( don't worry baby I'm really working on that) and then me because i'm the sidekick of the equation. I don't mind but she gets all huffy and puffy, its sorta of cute until she starts to yell, then i just want to hide. I wonder if I'll get to sit with someone interesting. Its come to my realization that I have no problem to talking to complete strangers about anything. Most recently I struck a conversation with a older man smoking a cig outside of starbucks ( i bought a hybrid juice drink if you're wondering what kind of coffee drinker I am- I'm not!) and he overheard craig and I's conversation about baseball. He asked me if I was a player and i said no ( I think he assumed I was since I'm am Latino and one thing we do know how to do is play shortstop or steal..oh sorry about that last one!?) So goes about asking me where I'm from and if I went to college. I tell him I'm from Michigan and I went to Andrews University, you know what this guy says?

Berrien Springs right? I was like how did you know that? I didn't have to go into the whole spiel about how its 30 min north of Norte Dame! So I tell him I'm struggling with the idea of going back to Grad School because of the money issue, I tell him I'm thinking about taking out ugh more loans. He says to me, don't do it, go to the library and find this book____ and send out 20 request, I'll get at least 3 scholarships if I do that. He goes on to tell me that I can get into Dartmouth, Princeton, NYU, or Chicago ( school of economics) if I can write a good essay. He was very hospitable but then he started talking to me about how he was 3 wives and 600 hundred children. Apparently he's a millionaire. I asked for his name and all he gave me is Hamilton. Which could be a another way of saying My name is tom. You see if you re arrange the letters you get "I am Thon." That's just me being crazy. I gave him my number to see if we could talk to me some more. The 2 most important things I got out the conversation are, Keep the sabbath day and I will leave this world once a week, also stopping talking to crazy people!

Oh hol, I'll see you in like 46hours! Holla!

Friday, March 16, 2007

You wear such cool hats!

I get that statement, comment, remark alot. I sorta of chuckle because people must think that I love wearing hat when that's really not the case. I would love nothing more to just let me hair grow out and be shaggy but ooops mother nature didn't allow me to do that any longer so I have become a fan of accessories, Hat's in particular. To adorn one's dome is Divine, well that's what the BOsely's Hair Institute said but I think they'll say anything to make men feel good about themselves when they're losing their hair. I guess I accepted that process because there was no other alternative. What, take the pill, no thanks I wasn't keen about having my DNA change. What about rogaine, well that's fine and dandy if one remembers to apply it everyday and frankly I forget to brush my teeth some times what made me think that I could remember to do that. I know gross...
SO when it came down to it, I was just too scared and lazy to do anything about it. I sometimes look at the way i use to look and I get a little sad...but that is life.

OK Its really really really late and I'm awake?! But more crazy than that, craig was just up with me!!!!
I swear I'll see a flying pig at any moment......

Thursday, March 15, 2007

let the madness begin..

Tomorrow is the beginning of a beautiful its not Friday, and no I don't get presents. Its march madness, where college basketball takes over day time soaps, and grown men hover over little scores and endless amounts of paper is literally wasted on useless brackets. Yeah, its great.

In other news, I think I've over stayed my stay at a certain place. The co workers are beginning to think that I'm one of them, you know they're asking questions that take our superficial friendships to an unknown area that I'm not really comfortable with. They want to hang out...I don't really like hanging out with people i work with..because I don't like the two worlds colliding. I just started accepting the fact that I have to talk to my neighbors. Anyways I think I have to grow up and get my ass back in the game...the game of life....i'm tragically being left in the dust.....damn..

I know that alot of you don't watch family guy be it that you can't get over that its a really funny show with improbable satire fitting of real live actors that somehow have found itself in a cartoon...well get over it, I don't watch it because I think the cartoons are really well drawn...


Stay out of the sun...though I know being tan is a choice its a very dangerous one. Just accept that I wake up with this complexion...and no...its not great...its marvelous

Monday, March 12, 2007

I can they say its 12:19am when my body says its still 11:19am!

I've been avoiding the news like a visit to the dentist, ( sorry Justin, there isn't anything more annoying then visiting someone to look into your mouth and then have some small talk while they dig and clean your teeth), the reasoning: There's just sad crap on the news. I use to think that world news would be better but its impossible for me because I live in Florida, something bad always happens in Florida!! I went to tonight and these where some of the Headline's

  • Comedian commits suicide
  • 101 yr old woman mugged
  • wild fires threaten multi million dollar homes ( I know my west coast friends don't have multi millions homes but I hope you're safe!)
  • Bush orders more troops to Iraq (apparently the gas prices are too high so we've got steal more oil!- that comment will probably cost me a job at the CIA, FBI, or DIA!!
  • Beserk house cat sends owner to the hospital. (seriously that was the headline! WTF!)

Yeah, news that makes it in the "news" is usually bad..

ok, thats all..

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The headline read:

Man found alone wearing pj's from valentine's day 2001. Apparent cause of lack of sleep, the inability to conjure up a real thought. The real sense of change is a welcomed thought but the action is, the action is what really is lacking. I'm the kind of person that thinks of re-meeting people that i already know because the thought of me not choosing to befriend them excites me. I re watch movies to the point that i can recite the lines without a second thought. At least I'm not timid when it comes to confrontation, though i do let people walk over me because I'm afraid of saying what really is on my mind, wait does that mean I'm not good when it comes to confrontations? Hmm, yet another thing to worry about tonight. I think i was born a decade to early. I remember thinking the 90's where so...wishy washy. First I was grunge, in the middle i was hip hop and by the end of the decade I was full blown preppy. I couldn't make up mind how i wanted to be seen...that problem went away. I find it funny that this gay guy at work feels the need to tell me what I should wear! I know that for better than not, Gay men have a sense of style but I don't think pressed jeans and ironed shirts constitute you being a fashionista. I'm watching Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind, if that were possible, to clear your mind of things that brought you pain, embarrassment, discomfort...would you do it?

anyways its late and i should be asleep...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is there anything worse..

I don't know about you but i find extremely annoying when someone tells me I'm angry when I'm really not angry just annoyed or frustrated. Its like having a fight with a little kid, you can never really win. Anyways March is here and people are getting all stir crazy from the north. They can feel the sand under their feet and feel the warmth of the sun's bright rays on their skin...that's right spring break is here! Soon this town will be over ran by out of staters(I don't know if that is a real word) flocking to the beach and filling the popular hang out spots that I don't frequent. They're trying to come in and I'm trying to get out! Yeah, I think this is time of year is worse than summer when its unbearably hot and not a cool breeze in sight. Ah, I really wouldn't mind a ski trip about right now..but I leave in the south and snow is not part of anyone's vocabulary. I'm hoping for cooler weather in a month when I fly up to Toronto to see Holly but Last time i was up there it was humid and hot....Cananda's crazy the last time I was up there I saw a moose begging for some money, the extent that they will go to is insane...

Yeah its crazy times up there, one could say its crazier than going to the ghetto or seeing Chester Cheetah after his gigs with cheetos!

Ok,ok, tricks but wouldn't everything be better if you have a flash back like that time I posed for a wacky science book...="350">

It just made me ponder and go a little nuts..