Monday, March 12, 2007

I can they say its 12:19am when my body says its still 11:19am!

I've been avoiding the news like a visit to the dentist, ( sorry Justin, there isn't anything more annoying then visiting someone to look into your mouth and then have some small talk while they dig and clean your teeth), the reasoning: There's just sad crap on the news. I use to think that world news would be better but its impossible for me because I live in Florida, something bad always happens in Florida!! I went to tonight and these where some of the Headline's

  • Comedian commits suicide
  • 101 yr old woman mugged
  • wild fires threaten multi million dollar homes ( I know my west coast friends don't have multi millions homes but I hope you're safe!)
  • Bush orders more troops to Iraq (apparently the gas prices are too high so we've got steal more oil!- that comment will probably cost me a job at the CIA, FBI, or DIA!!
  • Beserk house cat sends owner to the hospital. (seriously that was the headline! WTF!)

Yeah, news that makes it in the "news" is usually bad..

ok, thats all..

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tichaelmucker said...

Ah, you must have missed this heart-warming story:

Massage: It's Real Medicine