Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whats on my mind...

I know its just smile, a little smile that I get caught up on

its got me thinkin about you and It just won't stop.

I hear you say you're usually shy and how you don't do this

but why is my name still fresh on your mind and my number on your phone?

Wish I could run into you for the first time over and over, you tend to leave a good

impression, a lovely after thought and the answer to my question.. You're absolutely stunning

and I can't stop staring, my heart keeps beating yelling, saying, and daring me to get your attention

to alleviate this pressure this tension of me wanting to tell you that I can't stop smiling every time you show me some affection .

Like a movie ending or even a fairy tale everything seems to be in the right place, you got that look that I've been looking for, got me questioning if I ever knew you before

your perfect smile and those bright eyes keep me going on strong till we meet again. Wish you'd

dial my number more often, instead of hesitating on pushing that send button.

You got me buzzin with that shot of you,in my system quit playing games with my mind

taking up all my thoughts and wasting my time just thinking bout you.

tired of being so distant, so far away from you, maybe someday, someway, somehow, sometime I'll find a way to back to you.

Its gets harder to say goodbye when I'm just thinking about How I just said hi

You gotta know I'm gonna catch up to you, its only a matter of time till we're together

Going insane from our short time get togethers, can't get enough, can you hear me sigh?

No more good-byes and no more long nights, just you and me how its suppose to be.

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