Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rebutal..yeah, I have a rebutal, hmmm, what?

At my current project as I like to call it I'm reminded how fun it is sometimes to just sit back and listen to people. Its amazing how many people resemble other people from TV. Like there's this guy that looks like an older Alton from the real world, he talks just like him and is cut just like him. then there's this scary old guy that looks like he just killed someone with a rusty butter knife across the room who intent in where a tie to this place. My favorite character is the skinny gay guy who has a mushroom cut and a little ear ring, it straight of the early nineties! Which brings me to my real point, do you ever notice when people are by themselves among large pockets of people they need to be doing something, either pretending to be on their cell phones, or drinking water even if its warm just to seem like you have nothing to and you don't really need to talk to anyone? My favorite is having your hand in your pockets because thats how normal people walk, like penguins? Its such a hard habit to break!

You know what else I noticed? That i don't like dolls that have those little eyes that open when you pick them, I always feel like they'll start talking to me and I won't know what to do.

Also why is it that everyone has an opinion on how you should live your life but they don't head their own advice, have we turned into our parents or does that only eventually happen when you have kids. LIke i keep on hearing, "oh you'll understand when you have your own kids!"

I hope it doesn't take that long. I mean ,I get it, you never stop being a parent and just a friend.

all i can say that is that is has to be the coolest magic trick that we call all do, make love and 9 months later you have little piece of you and your wife right in front of you!

I'm rambling so I'm going to get ready for church.

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