Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where has the time gone..

Apparently its almost June! What, i blinked and it was summer. Well its always summer here in Orlando but you know what I mean. Peanut butter on the outside jelly in the inside, thats a profound lyric from the 36 Mafia!! Anywho, I was in Dave's and Mellie's wedding and I came away with this from that wedding.

1) I love to dance but I love watching others dance more! Dave's mom has incredible moves.

2) Its never comfortable sitting with two people that are very uncomfortable around each other

3) Make sure that the person that you're walking in with isn't sick, because long after they leave you still stay sick, Thanks April!
oh more thing i'm getting a new room mate..and its not necessarily a hit with the GF!!
stay tune to that..

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Mellie said...

Hey man,

Thanks for being in the wedding and SOOO sorry that you got sick from April. She probably would have gotten me sick if I wasn't on antibiotics after the wedding to prevent stomach issue in Thailand. Sounds like I'm causing all kinds of problems in your life, first sickness, and now taking your roommate and in effect causing the new roommate "situation." Dave says hi by the way. Take care.

Greetings from Thailand,