Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finally a post worth posting.

So I thought this weekend would be uneventful and to be honest it had been until I got a call around 10p from my little sis, Alex, many of you haven't met, her well if you have its not because I've introduced you to her. I'm sorta of guarded about my family, anyways, So we just started talking hey what's up. blah blah, when she tells me that she just got engaged!! I couldn't help but to cry, my baby sister was all grown up for realz. I couldn't be happier, its odd because its different when someone you've known your whole finds that person that they will start a new life with. I remember Titi always following me around and wearing my hand me downs, playing cops and robbers. I have pics but obviously not here.
Anyways so that's my little sis and her soon to be hubby, Noah. I've met him, he's a pretty nice guy, so I'm not sad about that just that I wasn't with my mom and GMa when she told them. I was all the way down here doing crap and having a drink, really lame man, really lame. Anyways I'm really happy for this addition to my special little family. signing off from Otown this is les, a happy older bro saying goodnight.

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Mellie said...

That's awesome. Congratulations to everyone. Your sister is beautiful and looks absolutely happy.