Friday, January 19, 2007

You know i need you..

(I should of posted this like two weeks ago but i kept on forgetting! )

I think there's an song that goes like that
" like the desert needs the rain you know i need you..." ok i don't know if thats actually a lyric in that song but i think i like it.

So what's the deal with global warming? I've been really interested in CO2 emission lately and how the US is planning to cut down on them. I find it funny that I've lived in places where there isn't any clean air mandates. Perhaps its because i leave in states with a large number of rednecks! I mean theres nothing wrong with being a redneck but there is some kind of mentality that give the environment the proverbial finger!

In other news that I find quite interesting, Steve Jobs and Apple have found a way to impregnate a Cellphone with an Ipod? Yet another Apple product to spend $500 dollars on! I would wait a year so you can get the new colors and the new Ipod phone with 8G, don't make the mistake I did by buying an Ipod NANO which by the time it got to me was old news since they had the new colors and more space. I'm bitter, very bitter.

The word of the day: NO!

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