Thursday, December 24, 2009

It would be nice

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Sometimes I feel I try really hard to understand people and it would be great if they would try as hard as me. Not assume, not try to guess and certainly not draw from past experience. It is possible to be dumbfonded sometimes, to obsolutesly have no clue where a person is coming from as long as you allow yourself to learn and not just be mad because you don't understand why I might be a reclusive man from time to time.

Its kinda sucks but I really miss my family right now and knowing that I'm just chilling at my place right now just makes me annoyed that I just didn't go regardless. Life lessons..ugh..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


SO I posted a new bit, for some reason I keep on forgetting that I'm latino. I think its because growing up people never knew what I was. I thought It was obvious but I guess the last name threw people off. I kid.

Anyways you should check Anjelah Johnson, she's hott and funny. Not that it matters that she's hott(the extra 't' is because I want to emphasis she's really pretty) but I guess that's why I found out she was funny. Go figure!? * ok she's not that hot but she's funny..

Usually I say something corny like love those around you and yourself or its more important to give than get. Well screw that, wisdom to live by. If you're with someone that gives you a gift that would otherwise be intended for an elderly woman or man. Please just RUN! No good will come from it. See its all in the gift, people that care about you don't give you shitty gifts. See I was reading the signs, Betty bop wallet,VHS tape that didn't work, break maker..these are things that should have triggered some concern, instead I just kept on thinking they were gag gifts. Don't be the gag.

OK so that was my psa.

Feliz Navidad..
and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Late Night

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Apparently Leeloo like the christmas tree lights because she gets all hyper at night when I turn them on. Here I was able capture being naughty. She cracks me up!

Ah shit, I became a cat lover, how annoying is that!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm not Jewish but it eerie how much my up bringing was based on the Jewish laws.
I wasn't allowed to eat pork, every Friday at sundown I had to turn off the tv and celebrate the sabbath. We went to church on Saturday's and we didn't go out to eat or pay for on sabbath. I remember waiting till Saturday night and then we go do stuff. I loved and hated the winter's. Sundown was at 5p but then it was over by 5p the next day. Oh, we gave 10% of your money back to church.. Now I know I didn't go synagogue or go to Hebrew school but I did go to a christian school where this lifestyle was reinforced so If we're being real I'm a pseudo Jew. To top it off I kept on being told about how I was going to persecuted for my beliefs,that's right just like the Jewish followers were! Kinda weird!

Growing up I never knew why so many people fought about religion, race, money...we start with nothing and when we die we go the same way we came. Race, that's a mystery to me, who really cares what color you are if you're mind,heart, and soul are kind. Which leads me to religion, I think we're reading the same book, believing in the same thing we just have different versions and names for the characters. I believe in God, you might believe in Allah..They might as well be the same person since they teach same thing.