Monday, December 03, 2007

Hit me! Hitman... yesterday I spent most of the time out my house watching TV that I really didn't want to watch, football, football, and a really bad movie. I think I was literally getting retarded as the minutes wore on from watching so much TV. I guess it didn't help that I watched perhaps the dumbest movie this holiday season. I won't even bore you with the snippets of the movie because you too might end up forgetting how to speak or spell. Anyways the holiday season is in full swing, people are out buying things they don't need and spending money they don't have. It hard to ignore the fact that we Americans live beyond our means, its what our economy strives on, Consumer confidence! I remember last year around this time where I was working doubles everyday to make ends meat. SO when everyone was enjoying there holiday I was at your local GAP yelling peace, love and would you like to open a GAP Credit card to save 20%!

So, with that in mind, this year spend less for those you love and spend more time loving them. Well unless they want a new Ipod Touch, then you're screwed.

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Holly said...

It was your idea to get me an IPOD touch...not mine...but sounds GREAT!!!!