Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So apparently there's another movement in the blogging community...post a post everyday this month on your blog,nablopomo.
Which is an impressive feat in itself that something blog worthy can be written everyday. I hope everyone that is attempting this succeeds and doesn't burn out.

  • I got Will I. AM's new cd and I have to say its really good. Its poppy (that's so a old person saying) its not depressing at all and you can dance to it. Which I haven't really done in a while,that makes me sad!

  • I went to a concert last week and then it hit me, I'm old. I use to be the hipster, you know the one in with the end. Well I had two cases of being not cool and old. The concert was filled with teens who all had skinny jeans and odd hair styles and i had a tucked shirt. Needless to say I wasn't blending that well. However the most distrubing occurence was when I was hitting at the ball machine and I decided to stay and watch some guys play basketball. Apparently I wasn't cool enough or something because the buster on the side went over to this other buster and said something, which made him look back at me and laugh. If they only knew.....This stuff is cyclical, it will happen to you too! Ugh I'm depressed now.

  • Here's another picture of the Mute Math picture. Great concert but I really can't be standing for like 2 hours anymore and being rubbed up on by dudes, ladies...well thats another story. Oh before I go I had a off moment at the concert. This guy had to get by so I backed up against the rail that I was leaning on, you know the move. Well apparently this guy has never been to a concert because instead of giving me the cheek he gives me the front...think about it..yeah guys don't do that....wtf?

  • oh one more picture...from the concert last week...


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