Monday, November 30, 2009

Full and Heavy..

I had an internal victory. I sometimes have a uncontrollable urge to buy stuff, perhaps its because I grew up poor and never had shit. Come to think of it I know a lot of friends that had similar childhoods and they say the same thing. I know its not a scientific fact that if you're poor you're going to have a spending problem but it does make sense. Unfortunately this type of behavior will also cause you to be poor, hence a evil cycle begins again! Anyways that topic is for another time. A couple months ago I made a horrible mistake of buying a TV from a friend, it was cheap but this monstrosity is abnormally large and heavy(which is why its a monstrosity!!). At this moment it is the thorn to my side, It asthetically just ruins my living room. Instead of having a wonderful flat panel plasma hanging on the wall I have this beast eating up precious space. It works just fine and the picture isn't bad for a $100 tv. So now that you have a backstory I'll go ahead with the story. Black friday came and went, I didn't buy a tv not once but 3 times I talked myself out of buying what visual urges had me yearning for.

Why would I do that, you ask. Well I guess I'm acting like a grown ass man ( my favorite cliche) and acted responsible. Sure I could of bought it and it would of been fine but then I think about how silly it would be have this tv in my living room and then tell one of my best friends I can't come to their wedding because I'm watching my money on the wall instead of having a kick ass time in Scotland. So the tv will have to wait until at least after I finalize my travel arrangements.

Yes, yes, how responsible of me..well I rationalized another buy, a nice kenneth cole suit but at least I can wear it to wedding!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vacant Amusement park

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The great wall of Tucker

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I remember growing up and my mama would say to me to watch that tone lester francisco (whenever you hear your middle name its not a good thing) now at the ripe age of 30 I understand what she means. There's a right way and a wrong way to talk to someone, Its presented itself a couple time in the past weeks where I was being spoken to and I didn't appreciate the manner in which I was being spoken to, at that point I don't care what you're saying to me and what you're saying because I've already made my mind that you crossed that proverbial line where you're out of line. I mean I don't have a problem being wrong but don't talk to me like I'm a kid because that drives me up the wall and chances are I might go through the wall, I kid.

Anyways I'm preparing my stomach for the massacre that will happen tomorrow. I'm a bit worried because we hit up some Taco's last night and it was all you can eat, however I didn't even make it to a second plate? I talk a big game but I really can't put anything away. The skinny guys are really the buffet manager worst nightmare, they some how can eat like hogs!

So yeah, hopefully this thanksgiving will be more giving than last year's.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


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Well I had this nice entry about some relevant things but as usual when I expect technology to work it fails me every time. So now you have this picture of me touch Big Boy in a very odd manner. Some of you might even wonder why I would be at a Big Boy to begin with, well they have good hearty, warm meals at a price that won't break the bank (I kinda made that up).

Also I want to let everyone know that I did not save a lot on my car insurance, in fact I'm paying way too much, thank you very much Geico!

Seriously though I want to talk to you about an ongoing problem, the Economy. I'm sure we all sit down and watch the news or read the paper (online) but do we really understand it. I encourage you to get informed about how your money works for you. There is great program on NPR called Planet Money. Check it out. Here is there blog. but please don't tell em I sent you.

Monday, November 02, 2009

So there's 59 days left.

I mean not that anyone cares but I'm one of those people that goes to work and checks off the days like a crazy inmate serving time, I don't know what happens at the end, maybe unemployment.

I remember when I quit a job and I was like acting like I was going on summer break, I was literally so happy to be unemployed! Now I'd probably cry, I'd be pulling out whatever hair I had left and like saying eerie things in corner like " I did my best, I did my best!"

I'm soo weird, I always think I'm going to win the lotto..but its not good because I'll have these like inner turmoil about who I'm going to give money to and then I realize that I have a huge family and that perhaps 60 millions dollars won't be enough to take care of them. I get soo stressed about it that by the time the lotto drawings come out I'm praying that I didn't win.

Yeah, crazy. Its like the people that don't play the lotto till like its 100 million. I'll ask them why don't play any other time and they look at me like

"why would I bother on 20 million" ah, american's!

Anyways my co-workers are on edge, its amazing how much we hate our boss! Like one of my co-workers literally said that he had to fight going all black on her and he's black.

I guess I need to start working on my resume, I have that 2yr itch, where I'm feeling crazy and I need to go on summer break.