Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 yrs Ago?

What’s the deal with Hush puppies; no I don’t mean the afford ably priced shoes but the balls of mush that you get whenever you get lost and end up at Long John’s Silver! I think for the most part that might be the most disgusting fast food chain of all the chains, the despair in the workers eyes is as if they’re being forced to work there. Why would I bring this up, well I was there today! I ventured into one of those combo tacobell/LJS to see if by any chance this had gotten better. They have, the place was clean, and the workers seem to be genuinely happy to see me. One of them asked how my food was. When does that ever happen at Taco bell or LJS? Probably never, so I sat there eating my plank and fish with a side of deep fried sprinkles of batter, I came to realize that Hush Puppies aren’t really given to us to eat but to play with. I mean who in their right mind would put those balls in their mouth?? I never hear of anyone saying can I please have extra hush puppies on the side, please! My sister use to only want to eat hush puppies but then again Alex was the only child I know that didn’t brush her teeth for 5 yrs! (Ages 1-5 perhaps it wasn’t that long but I never saw here use a tooth brush when she was baby!)

Its funny how things we use to do brought us joy fail to do so later on in life! I use to love being by myself for a long period of time. I use to think that I was cool when I ate dinner by myself at restaurant, like I was really important or something! Yeah I don’t like eating by myself anymore and I certainly don’t like being alone for a long period of time unless I’m avoiding people then its more of a necessity thing. This brings me to my most pressing matter, my high school reunion! Oh good Lord it’s been 10 yrs since I last walked the halls of Grand Rapids Christian High. I don’t know if I can go back there, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a loser or anything like that but I don’t know if I would put myself through that situation willingly. A room full of Midwest Dutch Christian Reform adults! My eyes would only reveal true plangent instead of my occasional impassible self. There are only a few people I’d like to see, which ironically I did see when my sister graduated in 2002. I saw her, the girl I had an incredible crush on all junior year and senior year. Ashley H (I wish I could find a picture to show you), she was this cute brunette with short hair and a quiet way about her. I never really talked to her because a) she was really cute b) and she had a boyfriend (who happened to look like a Brad Pitt when he was in legend of the falls!) Anyways I don’t know that I’d really care to see anyone or anyone would remember me since I was the guy that just tried to go un noticed while I was there. I’m sure I could mingle and recognize some old faces but I don’t think I have the stomach or patience to hear how people have been these past 10yrs when I didn’t really care what they were doing that day while I was there, to do that I’d have to cozen them about how happy I was to be there and I’m to nice to do that

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