Monday, June 11, 2007

You wouldn't know from this picture but there lies a city of people behind those two giant ice cream eating hotties! If you notice theres a small man raising his arms in desperation (below jess's ice cream love it size cup).
So Crane's Roost is pretty cool, the girls and me ventured over there where we talked about life and love. There were people all around running, talking, chasing ducks. Jess decided that she wanted to do chase this duck around to see if would fly around but all the duck did was go around in circles like it was playing tag?! Holly has a video of it maybe we'll upload here. Then when we thought that we had seen everything we could see the lights were killed and music, such glorious music played, a stream of lights flashed out of the fountain. There was a 9p fountain show to our surprise. I have proof! Its whats for dinner

The grand finale

Thats all for now..

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jessica said...

i like how you had to point out that i got the "love it" size. at least i didn't "gotta have it". maybe he's reaching out to touch me. or my ice cream.