Monday, February 12, 2007

How does it feel?

(This is my 1st birthday)

Gosh, Its that time of year. You know when people act all happy that you're a day older. I don't think I relish in it as much as others do. I feel odd about people wishing me a happy b-day or perhaps not so much who does as much as who doesn't wish me happy birthday. I guess I always assume that no one will remember or even care to mention it, though by writing this I'm making those that don't know and read this to remember..hmmm..yeah..Don't get me wrong I love getting little emails and cards with little notes. I think thats awesome but I just get a little bit sad because I'm getting older and I'm just getting use to being as old as I am. I didn't want to say bye 21 but I topic I find it funny that clothes for little kids are sized according to their age, why dont they do that for us. Like I'm looking for a size of 27 and thats all I would have to say. ...ok back to my point. So to answer my own question, it feels bittersweet to have a birthday, I'm enjoying another year but I'm having to leave thing behind that I'm use to..I don't think I can get away with wearing torn up jeans that much longer without being those guys that can't let go of his youth!

( This is me thinking that the world was full of promise and perhaps a real shot at stardom)-->

Yes there were times of greatness like that time i was part of the boy band, the now defunct ed "Tres Amigos"

That's me in the middle, I was the lead singer. We wore red bow ties to be differentiated from the rest of the bands. We liked to line up according to height as if we were a musical scale! you're probably wondering why the band broke up. Well we had a difference of opinions Noah and I were gun ho about coming out in Osk Kosh outfits but the Mike wasn't too sure it would enhance our image. We weren't the Tres amigo's after that. After that my life just regressed as you can see here I just got out of Betty Ford for my apple juice addiction. After that, the rest of the years were a blur. I was able to land some tv show cameo's on Telemundo and later on Univision's equivalent to eight is enough but it was only 5 kids and it dealt with the life's of 4 smiling girls and a depressed kid. It was called el nino y las 4 chica's (4 chics and a kid) here was the promo shot.The show was short lived but i did gain praise from critics and did a after school special about, that's right, apple juice. Here's the cast picture for that show.
I had to lose some weight and find a way to hide my age.Anyways next time I'll tell you about my adolescences. Till then.