Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So tell me...

I've been curious lately about one thing...men have a way of boasting, bragging if you will about stuff be it a sports team, how fast our cars can go, how many girls we've hooked up with, the list could go on. I've tried to ask holly about how women brag or what they brag about it? SO fes up, what do women brag about it?

Anyways i've been on a hiatus of late, I guess other people's life have been more exciting than mine.....i'm under some pressure..but latter on that.

I was just discussing with the guys about how elderly people will cat/dog food to be able afford their medication...man i hope i never resort to that. Anyways i'm just chillin like villian here at the house... hopefully this week won't suck..

Well Reality TV is about to rule the house and i'm out...big brother can kiss my arse..

This is a boring entry...i'm sorry i couldn't entertain... I think I need to be playing a game to be on my wittiest behavior.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oxford Ln underwater!

But if I can't swim after forty days
And my mind is crushed by the crashing waves
Lift me up so high that I cannot fall
Lift me up
Lift me up - When I'm falling
Lift me up - I'm weak and I'm dying
Lift me up - I need you to hold me
Lift me up - Keep me from drowning again

Those were the lyrics that were racing through my head yesterday as RHB, Schmidty, and Me foolishly drove out in what seemed to be a freakin Hurricane. I had never seen the water rise up so fast on a road. Like I could feel the water rushing underneath the car. Luckily for Royce, I was sitting in the back (I anchored the car) but seriously it was freakin bananas! All for a sandwich from Quiznos!? So the water stopped falling and we were making our way back home. So as we were turning on to 17-92 (pronounced 1792 as if it was a yr and not two highways) the civic starts to sputter and then it just dies in the middle of 436 & 17-92!!!! HA,ha...That's all I could do because the alternative would be to panic! SO we get out and push the car to the near parking lot which was Club Juanna, a closed strip joint on 17-92! I know, this is to good to be true. Well, it all happen. We chilled outside with our umbrellas until bakes came by with the jeep....The kicker of the night was when Royce is like, "ok open up your trunk, I need to put my clubs in your car"

...That's right ladies don't get between a man and his Sports equipment-you might just get hurt.

SO that was my hump-night. I tried to enjoy my over-priced sandwich but it honestly wasn't that good...Thank goodness for Honey Buns!

Editors note: Yet another storm in Central Florida...Stay away from the puddles ya'll!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How is it September?

How is it September already? It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re not doing anything, I kid. Anyways apparently there’s a world of change for many of your out there, I’ve been reading though I haven’t been posting. In all fairness I was away for a couple of days and then the long holiday weekend was upon us and I don’t do any computer work on those days. Apparently some of you are moving in and moving out, some of you have found love and some of you are having troubles with staying in love? (I’m assuming that last one!) There have been fights, tears, and long nights of no sleep some for good reasons and some for not so good reasons. I’m sure you all know how to cope with these things very different ways…I applaud you for that.

I had an interesting lunch experience today, I went to Powerhouse cafĂ©, and for those not familiar with this place, it’s a small smoothie joint that serves sandwiches and assortment of good things for you that taste good. Well, apparently Craig found a picture that was taken (what feels like yrs ago) with me, Craig, Mandy, and two others. Wow, that was crazy to see. It was a bit nostalgic. Speaking of Mandy, she’s in Orlando and wanted to hang out but I don’t have your number girl!!! I just checked my phone! Anyways…
Holly started her new teaching job today, 6th graders can be monsters. I remember being in 6th grade, I was horrible… thank goodness for puberty it humbles you.

Ok, pop culture stuff… I had the pleasure of watching Little Miss Sunshine and I was really pleased. It’s was funny and quirky, just like me, but yet had a purpose by the time the credits rolled, again just like me.

If you don’t take anything away from this entry, go watch the movie, its good and I have no reason to lie to you.

~Erin, you need to get a host account to host your music…once you get that, I’ll show you how to hook it up.

Peace out…

Oh, more thing-Cheyenne Kimball was playing at the Social last week! She was on Mtv and now she’s doing shows for 10 bucks!!!! That’s worse than working for FH.