Friday, September 21, 2007

Things of Interest

  • Why is it so hard to say what's new when people ask you but when no one is asking you have all this stuff going on?
  • Tim @ Smokey Bone's let me leave without paying my bill and had faith in me to call back to pay my bill. Background- I forgot my wallet at work so when I ordered my food I had no way of paying for it! I felt embarrassed but he was like "its all, good finish your meal and call it in when you get to work!" I left him a nice tip!
  • It's always sunny in Philadelphia could be the gem of FX-TV. Though i think I could make a similar TV show with 4 Mexicans that would be funnier, in Spanish!
  • There isn't anything better than a good song to fall asleep to.
  • People that pretend to be hard don't scare me, its the quiet one's that terrify me.
  • What the hell is O.J thinking? Don't come back to Florida, nothing good can come from it!
  • I found out another reason why sports are awesome, you can argue about shit even when you're not playing the sport.
  • I'm going to enter my t-shirt idea to threadless, I'm convinced that I can have a t-shirt made with my little saying.
  • I sometimes will spend hours doodling, I'm 28 and I doodle!
  • I really don't like blonde's! Really....
  • The other day I thought what it would be like to be thanks.
  • Finally, the juicy stuff. I officially lost it on Sunday playing tennis. In the midst of being totally frustrated and irritated I launched my tennis racquet out of the tennis court 100 ft away on the roof of the clubhouse. Yes, the roof. I was in disbelief and I started to laugh. I had to scale a fence, which by way the left nice cuts on my hands and then climbed on to the roof of the clubhouse. Then I jump off the roof( probably 15ft and landed flat on my ass to which i rolled out. Gosh..That was so much work!



trisha said...

um, i would have just bought a new racket. . .but that's cool you got to land on your ass.

Kendra said...

um, two question... why are you hating on white people? and blondes?

Les said...

I'm not....I happen to love white people...and i loooove blonde's. I mean I never not dated a blonde unless you count that time when the blonde was a red head but really she was always a blonde.