Friday, March 16, 2007

You wear such cool hats!

I get that statement, comment, remark alot. I sorta of chuckle because people must think that I love wearing hat when that's really not the case. I would love nothing more to just let me hair grow out and be shaggy but ooops mother nature didn't allow me to do that any longer so I have become a fan of accessories, Hat's in particular. To adorn one's dome is Divine, well that's what the BOsely's Hair Institute said but I think they'll say anything to make men feel good about themselves when they're losing their hair. I guess I accepted that process because there was no other alternative. What, take the pill, no thanks I wasn't keen about having my DNA change. What about rogaine, well that's fine and dandy if one remembers to apply it everyday and frankly I forget to brush my teeth some times what made me think that I could remember to do that. I know gross...
SO when it came down to it, I was just too scared and lazy to do anything about it. I sometimes look at the way i use to look and I get a little sad...but that is life.

OK Its really really really late and I'm awake?! But more crazy than that, craig was just up with me!!!!
I swear I'll see a flying pig at any moment......

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m is for maladjusted said...

this is the way i see it... balding guys should be crazy proud that they are balding... because that means they have more testosterone than the average man. when i see a balding guy i immediately think... you KNOW he's good in bed.

the end.