Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hump day.

Why is that when ever i want to write, like really write about what I feel I get this blockage, this huge mass of fog hovering over me like a blanket of blackness disabling every thought into just a single period. Its like laughing at a joke in your head and no one around to share it with, its quite frustrating! I mean, I sometimes wonder where I've gone, I don't recognize myself sometimes when Re-read things I've written. I'm embarrassed but there's no around to laugh at me!?

I just thought I'd write down what google says I "Need" "Want" "Love" "Wishes"

  • Google says Les needs eyeballs? Really, Eyeballs.

  • Google says Les wants love again. HMM

  • and Google say Les loves his big chopper!!

  • finally Google say, well apparently Les wishes some french stuff???

I guess I'll just close my eyes and see what tomorrow makes of today.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Because imtations is a form of flattery@

Animated Experiencer

I took this from Jessica who took it from Trisha who perhaps found it on a widget.

To see what me is about

Thursday, June 14, 2007

threw it out

Well more like slung it out..I've had it up to here( if you could see me pointing to my brow you'd see how) I've wasted my last ounce of time on HALO2, I got so mad tonight that i grabbed the game out of the xbox and whipped out the garage as hard as i could. I can't do it anymore..i just can't.

Monday, June 11, 2007

You wouldn't know from this picture but there lies a city of people behind those two giant ice cream eating hotties! If you notice theres a small man raising his arms in desperation (below jess's ice cream love it size cup).
So Crane's Roost is pretty cool, the girls and me ventured over there where we talked about life and love. There were people all around running, talking, chasing ducks. Jess decided that she wanted to do chase this duck around to see if would fly around but all the duck did was go around in circles like it was playing tag?! Holly has a video of it maybe we'll upload here. Then when we thought that we had seen everything we could see the lights were killed and music, such glorious music played, a stream of lights flashed out of the fountain. There was a 9p fountain show to our surprise. I have proof! Its whats for dinner

The grand finale

Thats all for now..

Friday, June 08, 2007

YOu and I

I don't know why its always more enjoyable to read other peoples thoughts then to formulate my own. I suppose that I get bored thinking about it and then writing it. I wish the didn't do away with the Audio blog. I'm more of a people kind of person, though I find it hard to look at people straight in the eye because it can become quite intense not sexually mind you but I think you can really tell what people are thinking when you look into their eyes. I don't think I'm ready for most people to know what I'm thinking. I don't think they're ready to know that, do you follow. I'm all about those words, pages,pages and more forwards of words.

SO with that in mind I'll just say a bit or two about what is going on...

How can you stare at that wall without wanting to run through it? Doesn't feel right, so off so un familiar to feel the way that I feel. Turn away from what I've known to possibly chase a dream that has no really end in sight. Stubborness filled with notions that make sense to me and only me. Get yourself up and to only have you get knocked down again. Its time to take a chance because all the wrong reason will always be there. You could sleep on it, sleep till you can't do anything but get up and face it. No pity party, no toast here, just plain ol life looking right at you and seeing you for what you really are, can't run from it and you can't hide from it. There's no cute little tabs to categorize how I'm feeling, no quick fix online to make me feel better. I can laugh aloud in front of you but what really keeps up at night is the unchanging thought that keeps me awake, I drown the voices with the music but the music always stops and there it is again! I won't worry my life away....