Thursday, March 08, 2007

The headline read:

Man found alone wearing pj's from valentine's day 2001. Apparent cause of lack of sleep, the inability to conjure up a real thought. The real sense of change is a welcomed thought but the action is, the action is what really is lacking. I'm the kind of person that thinks of re-meeting people that i already know because the thought of me not choosing to befriend them excites me. I re watch movies to the point that i can recite the lines without a second thought. At least I'm not timid when it comes to confrontation, though i do let people walk over me because I'm afraid of saying what really is on my mind, wait does that mean I'm not good when it comes to confrontations? Hmm, yet another thing to worry about tonight. I think i was born a decade to early. I remember thinking the 90's where so...wishy washy. First I was grunge, in the middle i was hip hop and by the end of the decade I was full blown preppy. I couldn't make up mind how i wanted to be seen...that problem went away. I find it funny that this gay guy at work feels the need to tell me what I should wear! I know that for better than not, Gay men have a sense of style but I don't think pressed jeans and ironed shirts constitute you being a fashionista. I'm watching Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind, if that were possible, to clear your mind of things that brought you pain, embarrassment, discomfort...would you do it?

anyways its late and i should be asleep...

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jessica said...

no no no i would not. am i the only person in the world that didn't like that movie?