Monday, January 30, 2006

Its 12:30

I'm up writing this because i can't sleep. Mtv The Barkers is on and i'm watching it like i really give a damn?? I don't know why i watch it, probably because it gives me hope that i too can exceed my expectations and one day be famous. Hell if a punk rock star and a dumb ex ms Usa can do it why can't I? Anyways its late and i'm just making stuff up. I leave you this question to ponder for the rest of this early monday. YOu know when they bleep stuff out on tv, do you ever think they just bleep stuff for no good reason???? Hmmm, this bring me to this very interesting clip.

I'm Les's dying need for attention.
and no i don't have a bad cases of the monday's.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

To sit or not to sit?

I would just like to say that I've been reading the wrong magazine for the past two years. Those more inclined to reading of books will look down at me for just reading magazines, I say to you: "give me a book with pictures and I'll find a desire to read it". Anyways a little while ago I mentioned that perhaps Details wasn't as hetero as I thought, case in point, today as sat on my natural chair I was reading about how there is a wave of men sitting down to pee. Stop right there! This ladies and gentlemen is not a movement. Please, I was doing this for as long as I could remember and my motives weren't those of causing a metro movement but because of those unfortunate accidents in the morning where my body defies gravity, I don't have time for that! I think the editor thought wow this is a good way to show our readers that perhaps this magazine is for hetero's because we're saying that the way you pee defines what kind of man you are(however the writer goes on to say that its ok to sit down when you pee). People who look to others to define them are fools, and if you think that just because I sit down and pee I'm less of a man..Then you're a damn fool too. I just sit down because I'm going to do a Deuce and I might as well just stay down there for that too.

~Les can't stop reading Details because the pictures are so captivating and the numerous Cologne strips he gets to smell!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Thoughts of the day.

  • Matthew McConaughey is labeled as the sexist man alive buy yet has the pedigree of a dirty cowboy. Ironically a rich movie star would rather live like a poor person in a trailer park??
  • Apparently Hootie and the blowfish still have fans and even more surprisingly they're people are age!!
  • Dolce Gabbana is now the key fashion line for homosexuals, what else would explain the recent Magazine Ads with a naked man spread eagle on the floor with two other men lookin on?
  • Italo Zucchelli, apparently he's the guy behind Calvin Klein menswear and very bald say that men should pay attention to their hair because it expresses you we I guess Italo and me are nothing because we have no hair to pay attention too!
  • Why is it that white girls such as Fergie, Gwen Stefani, and sometime Madonna are talking about getting all down with the brothas? Is it just me but a skinny white girl shouldn't be singing about her lumps or being a holla back girl, concordingly those songs are impossible to get out of your head for the rest of the day.
  • Don't ever have a camera accessible for people when you do things like this! See above picture.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sick as a Dog!

For some reason I'm fighting a cold right now, yes, even in the warmth of Orlando people get colds! I think I got it when I was helping Jess out of the girls apartment. It was really hot and I had to take off my only did I get sick I also hurt my hand. No,really I did!
See that picture on the left, that the inch cut I got from carrying down susie's damn couch again! Yes, yes, please hold your poor les he's just get hurt all the time. Anyways I'm on my last couple of days as a employee of this fine establishment unless I get a job that actually pays me which from past experiences interviewing here would lead me to believe that I won't be getting such an offer. Moving on, as I was at Bethany's house warming party..I couldn't help but notice that one of her guest was Indian, Indian from India, and when she introduced him to us she said his name was and I quote "Hey everyone this is my friend, Nadashit." Excuse me? did you say "Nadashit?" why yes his name is "N*A*D*A*S*H*I*T" I know this is mean but hey sometimes we're all mean. Not only did this friend have to live with the fact that he was short and hairy but also his name was well, pardon the pun, shitty. Ok I'm having a hard time breathing so I'm going to blow my nose. I leave you with some historic visuals. Be assured this will never happen again!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So yesterday as i was recovering from the long drive from Chicago, bakes says to me that Dave thought he saw Mark Cook on the today show!!? Bakes gets on the i-book and sure enough there he is.

I couldn't hear what he said but from what i gathered from his facial expressions he seemed really content with what he was saying and more importantly what they where talking about: Wives who make more money than there husbands. Thats all i'm going to say about that.

So on another note, i read a blog that i had neglected paying attention to for some time. Big mistake though i have to say that reading it now made for more pleasurable reading because i had so much more to read..Yeah, i'm talking about Mandy's blog.Geez, nosy aren't we!
Can i just say that i've seen 3 individuals on national tv that i had some kind of relationship with.
Damien P. on MTV- he was the out spoken black guy at our small private college.
Michele K. on Regis and Kelly-she was my college girlfriend.
Mark C. on Today- I knew him from my Junior High days, he made funny of me once, well it was a gag. He had this recording of someone taking a huge dump and he played while i was in the guys big deal.

oh before i go i just wanted to comment on the Jolie and Pitt baby. I think that child will come out looking way better then the Aniston and Vaughn baby.. I'm just saying it thats all, you are all thinking it..

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Everywhere i go..

I think i see something that reminds me of know be it a campbell soup label or perhaps someone saying hey lover boy! what? I don't know what that exactly means but i know that even at the most odd places like a Chicago Blackhawks game i saw someone that...well reminded me of me! Don't believe me, just check it out..

Anyways i'm really tired from being a car for 18 hours throat hurts and i'm feeling cranky..


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Take me to Chicago

SO I'm here at the windy city and its really flipping cold, I mean I got out to the arrivals area and I contemplated getting back on the plane and just saying peace out guys come and see me, but I didn't this trip did allow me to experience a very interesting trip. I couldn't help but notice that SouthWest has hired comedian as steward's on there flights now and as well as there pilots. At one point during the safety portion of our flight I was looking around for camera crews to see if I was on a comedy central bit! It was during this flight I saw a uber sexual, he had horrible dye job and he painted his toes, though I doubt he was gay because no respectable gay man would leave the house wearing Teva's!! My moment of un-cool came when we took off and as we ascended to 10000 ft the comedian Steward announced that we could use our phones but only in flight mode...what the hell does flight mode mean and I how do I get it. I really need to get a Ipod or some kind of cool handheld. I really need to add some more pictures..

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Justin seems to have the most uncomfortable situations to man. I mean you should read his blog, its really funny because its sincere and sometimes down right true.
anyways I had a this random "guy" and not he was not that "guy" just a guy.AHHHH, so I was walking back to my car for my ID badge when the fore mentioned came up to me to talk to me about how he found two scratch off tickets. Supposedly one of them was a winner,$200 bucks he said as I stared at him wondering why he was telling me. I could get over the fact that I thought he was going to jump but he'd be surprised to find out that I was willing to kick some ass, I actually thought in my head what would happen if he did try to come after me? However it being a imaginary confrontation, it never happened. He just wanted me to know that he found a scratch off ticket. WTF?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Where is (:)

The question has been plaguing civilizations for centuries. Who is Colon? I suppose I myself wonder that sometimes. She is something out of a book, like the many books she reads, perhaps a hobbit, or a young lady wizard fighting off her demons?? I fret, though I do wonder if she still walks among us? I haven’t seen her in perhaps 2 weeks, where have you gone Colon? I doubt Hogwarts has admitted you to there school, there’s no way the shire needs your help, and I know the Gilmore girls are on hiatus for the time being, so where are you? You were like a whisper in the night that was lost once the wolves howled at the full moon.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm still here

Back to the grind is the tale of today. So supposedly I was finished working here but I guess I can’t bring myself to leave because I find myself here this morning doing this. Blogging, very interesting don’t you think? I’m at work but I’m not really at work. Yes! Anyways it’s odd being back in Orlando. I think I was gone so long (a week) that I forgotten what it was like to be here. I know, it ridiculous to say that but I guess after the holidays there’s that let down of reality. It happens to me every year. I’m afraid to say right now that I don’t think anyone really reads my entries. I went from a mildly successful arena if you will, Friendster blog site, to an unassuming one here at blogspot. Man I wish I could get some cool goodies for plugging sites. On a side note I’m not sure if anyone took notice that I attempted to market a t-shirt idea but my “where’s Osama” t-shirt isn’t getting the praise I was hoping for?? WtF!! The trend, according to people who say what trends are, I consumer based t-shirts; in other words t-shirt slogans, ideas submitted by you and me. So now they will not only charge you for your idea but also make money off it too!

Hmmm, so I haven’t talked about my New Year resolutions for 2006. I think I’m scared to profess them because then I’ll have to actually admit some faults. Oh well, resolution #1) lose some weight. Its lame but I feel I should get back to my old self. #2) start my career. I really need to start making some money. #3) be a better person, many variable involved perhaps the hardest one on the list.

Ok that’s all I can publish without being a total poser. 11:06 in the Am 2006...i’m out.

Long Hiatus

I really don't like staying away too long from posting because then i forget why i was posting/blogging in the first place. So anyways I just returned from Jupiter....florida. It was a nice calm vacation from the city that is called Orlando. I ate healthy and laid by the pool mostly everyday. I don't like the sun that much which is a problem in Sunny florida but i deal with it. I can say that i wouldn't mind being retired one day and thats all i'll say about that. Well I was away from a computer for most of my time down there which would explain why there are no recent post. I should have some pictures soon but not till i get the Cd. Its been sorta of a sullen time for me. My girlfriend is leaving this saturday to return to her native land, Canada. Tomorrow night will be our last night together until, well i don't know when?? It doesn't seem right for her to be leaving after all the trouble we went through to just to her to move here in the first place! I guess you could say i'm in disbelief and utterly heartbroken. Theres no other way to explain it. My partner in crime is leaving and i feel horrible. Anyways i'm sure i'll write more about it later so i don't want to bog this entry down.

Its funny i was going to write about my little experiences with old people but i don't feel up to it anymore..
perhaps another day, i'm too sad today.