Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is there anything worse..

I don't know about you but i find extremely annoying when someone tells me I'm angry when I'm really not angry just annoyed or frustrated. Its like having a fight with a little kid, you can never really win. Anyways March is here and people are getting all stir crazy from the north. They can feel the sand under their feet and feel the warmth of the sun's bright rays on their skin...that's right spring break is here! Soon this town will be over ran by out of staters(I don't know if that is a real word) flocking to the beach and filling the popular hang out spots that I don't frequent. They're trying to come in and I'm trying to get out! Yeah, I think this is time of year is worse than summer when its unbearably hot and not a cool breeze in sight. Ah, I really wouldn't mind a ski trip about right now..but I leave in the south and snow is not part of anyone's vocabulary. I'm hoping for cooler weather in a month when I fly up to Toronto to see Holly but Last time i was up there it was humid and hot....Cananda's crazy the last time I was up there I saw a moose begging for some money, the extent that they will go to is insane...

Yeah its crazy times up there, one could say its crazier than going to the ghetto or seeing Chester Cheetah after his gigs with cheetos!

Ok,ok,ok...sorry..cheap tricks but wouldn't everything be better if you have a flash back like that time I posed for a wacky science book...="350">

It just made me ponder and go a little nuts..

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