Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas.

May the holiday bring you closer to those you love.

I wish you all the best, in jobs, in friendships, in love, and in conquest.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

T-shirts ideas.

Do you ever look at the t-shirts that people wear, you know the one's with the funny little saying like "Gettin lucky in KenTucky", or "Florida:Stay a while" or even "New Mexico, Cleaner then the old one" . Well i do notice those shirts and i think i can come up with ideas as good or even better. For instance right now we're at war with someone, honestly who are we at with?, why not have something dealing with where's Osma t-shirts. Check out my idea.
Yeah i know, you're jealous, and if you're trying to submit to a t-shirt company its too late. I already did that...

oh by the way, it was quentin...the unic carver!!

<--------- I created that picture by the way!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Carving into my Tuesday night:Un-masking my theory!

So this Tuesday night on FX, Fox's more edgy program channel, is revealing one of the most mysterious characters since that last year's Lost! Ok, sorry I don't know what I'm saying because I don't even watch Lost..anyways if you don't watch Nip/Tuck then this entry is going to just bore you, sorry. Anyways I really think the carver is, Ava! There I said it. It makes sense to me because she's half man, whole freak, besides she freaking let her adopted son kill himself. I use to think it was quentin but I think he get slashed tonight so that will throw him out of the running. The amazing thing about the identity of the Carver is that not even the cast members know who it is! Only the director and writers know! If heard some wild theories of late, mostly coming from me, haha, but if its not Ava its Matt. Reason being is: he has access to office so he can get the drug used to paralyze, he has obviously has access to his own house which let him get in to threaten Sean as well as getting into Christian condo. He wasn't at Christian wedding and Kimber went missing after that!! Damn I think I just convinced myself that its Matt! ok, seeing how I won't be watching it live don't write me or call me once you find out..

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Autobiography

For some reason I like reading autobiographies. I just think its cool to read about other people's life. I mean maybe I can relate to where they're coming from..ok its just my need to be nosy. There I said it. I was at a "Giant Book Sale" this weekend and I was sifting through the countless boring aisles of How To love those that don't love you books and The communism of Democracy type of books*I just made that up* and I came across A David Beckham book, now if you've lived under a rock or in The US you won't know who he is, which I find odd since the US isn't as big as the rest of the world. Becks, as he's so lovingly called is the most well known athlete in the world. Yes, more than Michael Jordan and even Tiger Woods, he-Becks, play this little game that Americans have failed to embrace so they call it soccer instead of Football, sorry I'm irritated on how centralized of a country we are. Its like if you're not american we don't care..the world has so much to offer...i'm sorry i can't write anymore because 1) i have forgot where i was going with this 2) and i'm too hungry to go on but more reason 1 than 2.

oh on a editor's note i plan on winning the lotto this week so i might be out of the office for a couple of days.. you know livin it up and all..

Friday, December 16, 2005

So there I was...

Don't you just love stories that start that way. Its almost like a prerequisite for disaster or laughter. So there I was just sitting on the couch surfing the web like I do many times during the late nights that I have my solitude. I heard a tapping, a tapping by kitchen door, it was like a scratch a murmur with a faint scent or odor of dave plus one more. I looked down to see what condition my condition was in. Alas I was caught, no shirt & pants undone, with a cap to hide my shame or at least to share my blame. It was dave plus one, I tried to defuse the fact that I had my jean zipper unzipped and my wife beater exposed. Actually, Frankly I didn't give a damn. I would apologize for my appearance if it were only warranted. Its 12:12 and I didn't expect a dave and his plus one to make an appearance. Anyways on a lighter note, I got a Christmas ornament today from one of my lady bosses. Which is typical I suppose, but she wrote a little note*I love reading little notes, even if they're not meant for me!*
LESTER, as if she were yelling my name??Merry Christmas! hope 2006 brings
all you wish for.
Thank you unmentioned lady boss, I wish for many things, Unfortunately I wish that you won't be my boss in 2006 but thanks for the Ornament, I will add to my collection of off x-mas gifts.

Before I go I would just like to say that enjoy everyday of your life like it was your last and enjoy your youth you never know when it might just start to go day you could be looking all fresh and young but tomorrow you'll look like this..

It looks like she's getting ready to fight, fight off death that is!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No man is an Island to Himself.

John Dunne wrote that. I think people have felt the need for solitude for longer then I can remember. I think this notion in itself goes against the grain. People want people, you see it on T.V, hear it on the radio, read it in a magazine and books too. No one really wants to be alone.
I won't lie, I have don't like being alone, the proverbial alone if you will but I can't say that I crave the desire to be surrounded by a mass of people. For instance I write on here as if no one ever reads this blog. I mean I could be right, some one might take the time to read a entry or two..but its probably because of the pictures. I mean I'm the same way. Back to the topic on hand, solitude, I think I embrace the idea because its not normal. I've been really only by myself for 5 1/2 years and then Alex was born. Then I started going to school, became friendly with other kids who then wanted to be my friends and I'm too nice not to say "no" I want to be alone! then Jr high came and I got my first girlfriend who I just wanted to be alone with! haha! yeah..High school wasn't any better and then college..well college it was impossible. I don't think its possible to be alone. NOt unless you fight your human needs which is harder then just dying( and even then you're not alone) .....
though my address might be atable41please, I always have room for one more.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I wonder if they read this..

Random picture of the day:

So many of you are at workplaces that throw Christmas parties, you know a way to let the company know that they're appreciated. I work at such a place, however I didn't get invited. I've been at this department for...lets 1+5-that week=...9 months!!! Yeah, I've been here long enough to birth a child. SO its not like I'm new. Anyways I didn't get invited and then the day of the party I get this phone call from my room mate that is going to the party asking me if I want to go because they noticed that they forgot to ask me??!!! What? A mercy invite..No, you don't mercy invite me to a Christmas party. Its just tells me the time is near the end for me and this organization. I found this interesting holiday party etiquette article, they should of read it!

I doubt they did.

Oh justin's birthday buffet was nice...A good number of people showed up and the right amount showed up for bowling. I bowled a 177,192,125, 122.. I start getting tired.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Ah yes, MySpace. I had heard of it before but really was not turned on by the idea of Myspace. I guess I didn't really give a chance. I found some old acquaintances that had been long lost, though I probably wouldn't contact them now either, some things never change. Anyways I suppose I should get to it. I've been writing this stranger for almost 3 weeks or maybe a month I don't remember but she's seems really cool. I mean its not like I'm looking for a girlfriend but I wrote her an email just in passing because I thought she might of been a missionary but I was way off..She was a dancer!?! At a resort. She happens to live in Durham, NC which is the home of my beloved blue devils so that really how we struck a friendship. We don't talk sports, I usually don't like talking sports to people..I mean its useless because its just reciting numbers and stats that don't mean anything. Back to Kristen, that's her name. I guess she loves to work out, like hard core! I don't know why, but I hear there's some kind of euphoric experience for those that do it long enough. I just get sick and end up throwing up...I hate being stationary doing repetitive things...please no sick jokes needed...

on another note today is my friends Justin's special day, He's turning 27..we're heading out to Healthy style buffet and then rolling some balls, bowling balls that is. I know, you're all jealous. We'll you're all invited. Sweet Tomatoes on 436 in Altamonte Springs, Fl. the fun starts at 6:30p.

Bring a gift, Justin likes Golf so anything close to that would be fine..
Yes I know Justin looks older than 27 but what do you expect when you party as hard as he does!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

What a half day!

Today is really not a day of stress or work for that matter. I came today after 11am, I walked into the office as if I were the first one here. I go un noticed most of the time, only then things don't go as plan they come to me for help. No matter I won't be here that much longer, I don't know where I'll call work but I know it won't be here after Christmas.
On another tidbit one of my friends is drew, he's a great guy. Very conscious of everyone feelings, he remember birthday's and sees through most sinster plans of revenge or love. He's quite in tune with feelings. All the ladies love him, rightfully so, they love what they know is not available to them. He is not available in the romantic sense. I don't know where i''m going with this. A friend of mine stated that he was the last chivarlous man. She might be right, our fathers of yester year or no longer role models. We have punks with guns, or gangsta's with suits singing to us how we should treat women. Trick ass hoes b43ch, i tend not to listen as much as i laugh about it. I have a lady in my life and for the most part i treat her better than i do most people. I tend to endure more criticism and grief*i would just like to say that those descriptions are meant in a way that we don't always agree* from her because i couldn't bring myself to tell her to shut the hell up and she was a crazy b*%&#. I don't do that and probably never will. Even if i didn't love her i would still respect her. I know that people say you can't respect someone that doesn't respect themeselves, but i say what gives you the right to encourage them to keep on doing that. Help those that are not able to help themselves, let them deal with their consequences afterwards.
Chivarly is not dead, perhaps people caring about each other is.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This really isn't my first post

Lets just say that i've been writting on blogs before there were dig. See the mind is a powerful thing, well especially my mind. Its like a replay of all the greatest movie scenes ever. Ok perhaps not but i'd like to think so. Right now at this very juncture it is the end of the day at a so called work place in a so called city ( i don't want to get let go of this temp job that has transformed itself into my blog job). I use to have a blog on the now defuncted Friendster Blogsite which is powered by blogspot's rival (typeP@D) and for some reason or another i just started hating having to go through friendster to post my entries. So i quit, it lasted a week if that...I've had some odd things happen lately. For one i walking out of the girls place (HJS)and stepped into some dog poop which is no big deal. I just failed to know that until i got into my car and the stench became unbearable. I thought it was there apartment complex so i started to drive off, you know a little bit faster than usual. It wasn't going away!! Then i started smelling myself because you know shit happens sometimes but it wasn't me..i stopped and got out of the car only to find that my nice shoes had shit.

ok thats all..i guess you had to be there