Thursday, March 15, 2007

let the madness begin..

Tomorrow is the beginning of a beautiful its not Friday, and no I don't get presents. Its march madness, where college basketball takes over day time soaps, and grown men hover over little scores and endless amounts of paper is literally wasted on useless brackets. Yeah, its great.

In other news, I think I've over stayed my stay at a certain place. The co workers are beginning to think that I'm one of them, you know they're asking questions that take our superficial friendships to an unknown area that I'm not really comfortable with. They want to hang out...I don't really like hanging out with people i work with..because I don't like the two worlds colliding. I just started accepting the fact that I have to talk to my neighbors. Anyways I think I have to grow up and get my ass back in the game...the game of life....i'm tragically being left in the dust.....damn..

I know that alot of you don't watch family guy be it that you can't get over that its a really funny show with improbable satire fitting of real live actors that somehow have found itself in a cartoon...well get over it, I don't watch it because I think the cartoons are really well drawn...


Stay out of the sun...though I know being tan is a choice its a very dangerous one. Just accept that I wake up with this complexion...and no...its not great...its marvelous

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