Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yeah..I know she loves...

So my trek to the great white north begins is 48hours or so..I'm excited to leave florida for a little bit and see how the poloar bears live (i.e everyone else that wears coats). I especially looking forward to the little games that we play at the thorne's house about who gets to do what. Its usually holly because she's the not married one ( don't worry baby I'm really working on that) and then me because i'm the sidekick of the equation. I don't mind but she gets all huffy and puffy, its sorta of cute until she starts to yell, then i just want to hide. I wonder if I'll get to sit with someone interesting. Its come to my realization that I have no problem to talking to complete strangers about anything. Most recently I struck a conversation with a older man smoking a cig outside of starbucks ( i bought a hybrid juice drink if you're wondering what kind of coffee drinker I am- I'm not!) and he overheard craig and I's conversation about baseball. He asked me if I was a player and i said no ( I think he assumed I was since I'm am Latino and one thing we do know how to do is play shortstop or steal..oh sorry about that last one!?) So goes about asking me where I'm from and if I went to college. I tell him I'm from Michigan and I went to Andrews University, you know what this guy says?

Berrien Springs right? I was like how did you know that? I didn't have to go into the whole spiel about how its 30 min north of Norte Dame! So I tell him I'm struggling with the idea of going back to Grad School because of the money issue, I tell him I'm thinking about taking out ugh more loans. He says to me, don't do it, go to the library and find this book____ and send out 20 request, I'll get at least 3 scholarships if I do that. He goes on to tell me that I can get into Dartmouth, Princeton, NYU, or Chicago ( school of economics) if I can write a good essay. He was very hospitable but then he started talking to me about how he was 3 wives and 600 hundred children. Apparently he's a millionaire. I asked for his name and all he gave me is Hamilton. Which could be a another way of saying My name is tom. You see if you re arrange the letters you get "I am Thon." That's just me being crazy. I gave him my number to see if we could talk to me some more. The 2 most important things I got out the conversation are, Keep the sabbath day and I will leave this world once a week, also stopping talking to crazy people!

Oh hol, I'll see you in like 46hours! Holla!

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