Monday, May 26, 2008

Private Blogs

In my honest opinion I think having a private blog is perhaps the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, you have a blog. What is a blog= A frequently updated journal or diary usually, often hosted by a third party. The last part is the most crucial part, often hosted by a third party. That means that its really not private if you're hosting on a free website like blogspot/blogger. SO who are you trying to fool?I mean if you really want to write secrets or shit that you don't want anyone to read about, write in your little diary and store it under your pillow. Anyways just a pet peeve.

Monday, May 19, 2008

To you..

No one knows where we’ll go from here
Could I kiss you or would that be weird
Are we sure or are we somewhere in between?
Do you wanna be free
That place where we'd be.., Cuz in our minds we need it
But I'd be no where near you and you'd be no where near me.
A Move to an unknown City
Will you let go of my hand?
Leave the things on the doorstep
Was there no way around it
Will this be our last dance?
Fall asleep with the music on mi amor
Be back again
Do you wanna see it?
Our place,
Cuz in my mind I’ve been there
And there’s no one there but you and me
In the morning I’ll find you again
Let the light shine the way
Down a road that’s leading me somewhere I've never known
And there’s no way around it
Will this be our last dance?
Fall asleep with the music mi amor
I'll Be there with you again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Taking things for granted

So as I surveyed today's headlines I was reminded that a good day for me might mean a day from hell for someone else.
I wasn't able to celebrate with my Ma yesterday for the mere fact that with ever growing prices in fuel tickets to Grand Rapids are increasingly more expensive. Though according to a CNN article Americans are one among those who pay less for fuel than the rest of the world
Cheap Gas

I suppose that's a comforting notion if I weren't paying 40+ at the gas pump to just go to work every day! I mean literally don't drive anywhere that requires more than a hour drive. The lure of the open road, though very rare in Central Florida, is all but shot into a mist of evaporated gas fumes. I just can't justify driving for the sake of driving. I know there are other things that are more pressing than gas prices, like the democratic nomination, the increase of killer weather patterns-in the past week there have been epic killer cyclones, earthquakes, tornado's, and famine's just terrorizing the world. I mean its not hard to stop and listen to what is going on around you to realize that we're at a pivotal point in the planet's existence. I don't want to say that we're at a breaking point because I don't really know what that means in today's age but I feel like a wave of change is coming. This country is about to have either a woman running for president or a ex black Muslim. I would of never thought that would be possible, at least while I was still relatively young ( though I don't' think I'm young anymore! )

Anyways, Its hard to say that nothing happened this weekend when so much is happening to others..I suppose I take normalcy for granted..