Friday, April 28, 2006

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Though I am a male and I will never ever experience a pregnancy I can say that pregnant women are really over the top. I would say that its the equivalent of your girlfriend on her period for 9 months. Crazy crap starts happening for no rhyme or reason. One minute she'll be happy and loving by the end of this sentence she'll be ready to kick you in the balls and run away. I have a co-worker who for all intended purposes will remain nameless*don't get pregnant women mad!*
she has a very funny demeanor to her, she tells jokes, kids around, bosses you around, and other miscellaneous things that drive people crazy. She can get away with it because well she's pregnant. I wish I could remember how many times the ladies here at work say "oh yeah I remember when I was pregnant I went through the same thing!" the yelling, irrational emotional rollercoaster, and the badgering of loved one's- as if bitchy is key part of a pregnancy. I don't know what to expect when me and my wife (that's gonna be you baby) start having children. Holly is already pretty mean, will she act the opposite? I hope so!! Anyways, I never been more happy to be a man than am I now. My co worker had to stay home today because she no longer has ankles, she has cankles (Webster urban vernacular states that cankles is when your leg and ankles are the same, no significant difference from you leg and ankle, hence the word cankles!) slightly elevated blood pressure, and a possibility of some temporary diabetes! Damn, all this to have a kid, no wonder my mom acts if she owns me, she went through hell just to have me! I guess there are some cool things that come from having a baby, like another person to take out the trash and mowing the lawn, and feeding and clothing them till there oh i don't know 21! Oh theres also higher insurance rates, sleepless nights, as well as their first ethnic boyfriend (that one was for all my white friends, hahaha). I guess those are good reason to have or not have children, I myself am looking forward to the cool henna drawings that I get to draw on Holly's tummy!

~pic note, notice how there's hair coming out of from under the tummy...There's no more time to take care of that..oh man..oh man..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

add some tunes to my blog...

I figured that i should start using my useless knowledge of html and start adding some spice to my page...

so fresh and so clean clean..

Friday, April 21, 2006

La nuvola

La nuvola
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Esta tarde cuando estaba perdiendo la tarde por la computadora encontre esta foto. Es una foto hermosa, me recuerdo de un sueno que tuve cuando era un nene. Era un dia sin ruido, sin lluvia,y sin calor. No habia nadie mas que yo, caminaba sobre el banco del lago, con la montaña detrás de mi como que fuera una pared. Me acuerdo de es sueno porque en ese momemento mi idea de paraíso estaba cercar de mi realidad. Cuando miro esta foto, me da ganas de dormir, casi siento la brisa, la calintura del sol sobre mi piel..que rico! Disculpe, pero tengo un sita con un sueño.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


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So today was the IOA 5k run, i mean thats not really a big deal for those that run and love to run. I don't like running in fact i hate running but i figured we all have to do things we don't like from time to time. I ventured into this with a open mind, ok, actually i was a bit apprenhensive about it. I'm out of shape and that is very un nerving. So you're probably wondering about my time, well i ran a 36:00 flat. I would like to point out that i didn't train for this little 5k run so who knows what i would of been able to do?! Blah, Blah..i had to run and stop, run and stop, i got a bad case of shin splints, oh my dear lord do i get them bad. I almost gave up on the last mile because i figured it didn't matter, i was in some pain and then my pride took a hit..I overheard a woman encouraging her husband to keep on she passed me she looked back to see if her husband was behind her..he was, he was running on crutches and he had one leg! One freaking leg and he was passing me..Hell no he wasn't, any energy i had was conjured up right then and now..I ran as hard as i could...for pride and to get out of the ghetto. Damn, OBT is just ghetto.
anyways i don't know if i'll keep up the running but i do need to do something to get back to the o'l les..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And the winner is...

I love when a group of people get together and decide to call people The Boston Phoenix compiled a list of the least unsexy men of the year award. No I was not nominated! I was surprised to find out that a Duck won, well at least the man behind the voice of the duck (AFLAC commercials people!) Gilbert Gottfried. I have to say I sometimes laugh at his jokes; he doesn't really come off as being he most of anything other than annoying. The rest of the list is full of ugly athletes, boring T.V host, and a back stabbing lying stud (i.e) Brad Pitt. I guess that whole Jolie & Anniston mess didn't go over too well in Boston. I think I should come up with awards for most_ something. I would nominate people I knew. For instance most ridiculous statements made would go to J.Colon. Most outrageous bodily noises would have to go Justin, though colon can probably argue this one as well. Most insanely random arguments, well that would have to go to Holly, sorry babe you like to pick fights with me at odd times and places. Quiet person award would go to Dave, unless we're playing Golf. Most aggressive person while playing sports, sorry bakes you get this one. The unnecessary fashion tip award goes to Michele...I hate to say it but America isn't too keen about fashion, we tend to associate fashion with how uncomfortable we have to feel and for how long, though I will be purchasing a white suit soon...
Most jobs by a married couple, The Hay's. Three jobs..geez.

And the last award is for Most useless blog:???????????????????????????????????
atable41please! WTF!

Happy Hump Day bitches.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And then you go ahead and redeem yourself

The prospects of Holly coming back are looking more promising then ever. She actually got all her paperwork done and paid the lawyers, so basically now we wait. I say we, because this effects me as much as her. Though my interest in the outcome aren't financial I would say my emotional durability out price the mere notion of money. Its really interesting how much you can care for someone. I mean if you read my previous blog you could sense that there was remorse and genuine feelings. I think its so amazing that strangers can become inseparable if given the right amount of time to get to know each other. I always like to point out to holly how I remember things about her before we got together. Reminiscing is so much fun...I mean its actually crazy that I met holly while I was visiting my girlfriend at the time in Toronto like 7 years ago...then a couple of years later (2) I remember flirting with holly down in the student activities center, I remember saying to her that I was Lester and not her boyfriend at the time who everyone thinks we look alike but we freaking don't (I'm like 5 inches taller than him!!)...In a thousand years I would of never imagined that I would love someone like I love Holly. I think its just soo awesome that I can meet someone that puts up with my antics and can still say I love you les at the end of the night. I have the best woman in my life, though others will and might say the end its really about me and her, isn't it. I usually don't get too excited about things since the thought of disappointment always looms over me, but I can't stop smiling about being with Holly till I'm really old, sitting on our porch reminiscing about how our story started.

"Tonight, you arrested my mind
When you came to my defense
With a knife In the shape of your mouth
In the form of your body
With the wrath of a god
Oh, you stood by me"


As you're leaving, the stone cold harden truth hits me like a fool. The realization of my faults falls heavy on my soul. With the lights out and the tears dry, my emotions have gone array, doesn't seem right to be here, as your almost gone. Turn around, you crippled heart, i've done nothing but do you harm. Creeping up like a thief, i'm guilty of stealing time and perhaps even love. Can't seem to look you in the eye, can't deny what i know what was a lie. As your leaving through the door had a feeling but its not there anymore, wanna tell you i was wrong but its too late for amor.Now we're strangers in a crowd,with forced cold "hey's" as we pass. Wouldn't know that you could laugh,I wouldn't know you if you could smile. Here I go on this unlucky path,tryin to look through you in the past. You linger on my mind, cuz you got that thing that makes you last.A change comes on my eyes and can't seem to mumble my goodbyes. Now that i'm dreamin once again, staring at the walls tryin to filter the outer calls. The dumbing of love that brings you down to the simplest form of being, a crazy man.Will it matter, I don't know. What a waste with nothing to show, better stop now cuz if i don't i might just hear you say "go"!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Thing should happen naturally...

I usually don't like talking about personal things on here too often, I don't know something about faceless IP address reading my soul is very un nerving. I've spoken about my frustrations with my lack of career, as well as random observations and sometimes ( I at least feel) honest tribulations with the opposite sex. You know its very surprising how well I've been able to maintain my sanity when my life become chaotic sometimes very wishy washy, my life not me mind you, seem to take very obscure turns into situations that I can't seem to understand. I suppose I could be a person that a cause & effect hypothesis could really be tested on. Choices, so many choices, I sometimes feel that having a choice complicates our lives. Perhaps its just me but when I'm presented with alternatives I start to get crazy..that whole "is this the right decision" mind set creeps in. I suppose I'm more in favor of natural progression but I'm more patient than most which could be why I usually get treated like shit..I tend to think things will eventually get better, they usually don't. Which brings me back to choices...when will I be content with the life I have??? perhaps never, there's something to be said about being ignorant, you're never aware of your short comings. I sometimes feel embarrassed when I start thinking about what others might say about me, not necessarily because its true but because they can say it ( I would expand this more but I think I'd get too sad).
I think the 5th grade did me in...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Recently a friend directed me to someone's entry, it wasn't a blog persay but it was more of an open poem to this other person's heart. Well at least that what i thought other people might think. Which got me thinking, what would people think if i wrote such a poem???

I have to say that i have written crap from time to time, once in a while i write a decent one..

Take a deep breath and slowly let go, today was nothing more but a glimpse of what
tomorrow might bring. Smile away the hurt and feel that inner discomfort wash
away.I laugh to hide my pain, I swear to fight off
disappointment. There's no one left to trust. My life has been under
scrutiny with no end in sight. Pass a bottle of good memories, perhaps
i'll find answers within the pleasurable contents.
Lost love, broken promises, and uncertain futures. They cling to me
like scars that will won't heal, bleeding from recurrences that are
bound to resurface, a pain that will never subside. How do you go on
when whats ahead is something that just leaves you empty...I can't
explain it but i don't know what to feel when i see her. Anger perhaps
but more frustration. The smugness in her face, the absolute bullshit
that comes out of her mouth. The chaos that she makes me
go through! I hate that i want to see her, I hate the fact that my
life has been turned into its present state. I've got to get it
Just a couple of months and she'll be but a memory, A memory of love
never really realized.

Ok, i should of won like the saddest poem award for that one..where's my money!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Its been a long time..

Well it seems like ages since I last wrote a meaningful entry..well some of you might actually say that I've never written a meaningful entry; my question to you would be "why do you still check my blog then?" Sorry, I don't know why I'm being so confrontational, I'm usually really easy going! I guess I've just been really getting bent out of shape for no good reason. I need to get all this aggression out now before I blow a gasket (don't ask why, really don't ask why)

where the hell did this weekend go..I played golf twice and I hated it..I mean I hate sucking at stuff and golf doesn't help..I have to say that its really a yuppie sport that cost way too much money to play?!

So in other news I'm glad to see that the United States is trying to make it harder for immigrants to come to this country, as if it wasn't hard enough now. Sorry holly, I think Uncle Sam playing hard to get.

Observation of the weekend...It sucks not being with the one you love..I don't like having to remember the last time I went out on a date with my lady, that should never happen.

I need to buy a car..but I don't want to get a car that will leave me on the side of the road and I don't want to buy a car that will cause me to obtain another job..though perhaps that wouldn't be soo bad.. I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed..

Oh more thing. What president served two different terms (i.e. Not consecutive terms)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Dang HOmey, back in school you were the man homey...

I don't know why I have 50cent on the brain...Anyways this weekend has come and gone. Michele was here for the week and it was nice hangin with her and catching up. Its nice to see people from you past, it helps you appreciate your future to know where you've come.

So didn't do much yesterday, you know watched a movie, ate a little bit of food, played a some basketball for 3 hours, did a little a halo2, and took a 2 hour nap! oh and I woke up thinking that it was an hour earlier than it really was. Yikes. I have a bad case of the Mondays. I don't know why but I just really do!

oh I have this new fascination with models, specifically models on the MTv show, 8th & Ocean. There's this one girl on there that looks like she doesn't belong. Its like that sesame street game that went "one of the these girls doesn't belong, can you pick out..Etc.." you get the idea.

anyways this is a blah entry...Its like an April fools joke gone array.

Its not that funny and really not necessary.

thought of the day. What if our everyday life was like a reality game show ( amazing race or survivor?) would you be able to play the game..Its just a thought.