Friday, July 27, 2007

Never under-estimate the power of the ego!

This shirt was given to me by the Fuste's and holly said that I would never fit into to it. She was partly right since its from Thailand and apparently broad shoulders were not thought of when they constructed the shirt. Anyways this is me gloating at the fact that I fit in the shirt. OK actually I look high or something?
Anyways Holly found a new artist and I'm totally downloading all his boot leg music to my delight. Thank you Limewire. His name is, if you're wondering and I know you are!, Jay Brannan. I would suggest listening to Soda Shop. Those that have money to burn can go to Itunes to get his tracks but if you're like me and you feel music should be free, well you might endure some long downloading time but its worth the wait
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So yeah I guess I just saved you the trouble by doing that....anyways
I stayed up to write something so I should write it....
" Can't stop running, my lungs are burning, they're burning for air.
I keep on looking but I'm looking for something that isn't there.
I'm hot when I should be cold, I'm sweating when I should be dry.
My timing couldn't be worse, I have this yearning, its more like a thirst, a thirst that has no quench and
I've ended up taking a w/o end. There's a cliff on both sides and the only way off is to jump.
I hope I grow wings."


Mellie said...

Dude, I'm totally with you on the Thailand clothes. They don't like broad shoulders or big butts. Skinny, straight bodies is what they're all about, and that's not me! It was quite frustrating while we were there.

Susie said...

thanks for introducing me to your new artist. i love it. i just downloaded all i could find!!