Sunday, July 01, 2007


Today is Canada Day! yea I know what you're thinking- what does that actually mean to you and me! Well there's no real reason for us to be celebrate it but I feel that there's other holidays that i could probably do without. For instance what is president's day? Like what really happened on that day that makes all the banks and postal offices clothes. I mean for all meaningful purposes I just thought that the rest of the US stop doing anything major on my birthday! yeah it usually falls on President day. So anyways as of late I've been really getting back to to Music that has some lyrical depth to it.I know i'm jumping to another subject with out an lead in but I mean you've read this far and I still haven't mentioned the title of the entry, just like a good movie, I'll keep that till the most important part of this otherwise meaningless jargon of crap. I feel like I haven't really talked about anything meaningful on this damn thing. I mean the thing that usually gets me going is the lack of anything going but I can't really say that right now. I once made the mistake of opening up and expressing what I really felt and I got a couple of comments from people that I had never met or heard of which scared the crap out of me.

Which made me think, I only really write truthfully how I feel when I'm hurt or in totally depressed. But for the most part I'm so content that I'm just like whatever and this leads me to try to create some kind of drama for myself to keep myself for drowning in the boredom of life. Like I meet people that our genuinely happy to be around other people and I wonder why they do it, I mean I do it ( be around people) for the chance that they'll say something funny or a the chance of making a connection but for the most part I find most people are the same. They're insecure about something that they work really hard mask by doing or being something they're not...sometimes you meet people that have that Independence from the social term or idea of being cool. I find it refreshing to meet perfectly and totally insane people, I keep telling myself that I need to stop talking to these kinds of individuals but its like a car wreck, I can't keep away.

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