Sunday, July 30, 2006

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That is the remains of a slice of banana nut bread that T.Hay so graciously offered me this saturday. Notice how there's part of some one's leg in the right top corner. Its a mysterious leg, i don't know who it belongs to???? I was more excited about using her fork then actually eating the banana nut cutlery.

Well, in other news i was able to get some meaningful rest this weekend..Thank goodness.

I'm sorta of tired so i'll just wish everyone a good case of the mondays!


Kendra said...

was the banana bread ok with the dieting??? hmmmm??? just something to think about!!!

and yes, trisha has cool everything!!! i totally agree!!!

rolls royce said...

banana nut bread is the bomb. It is the only thing with banana in it that is good. Who cares about diet!!!!!

trisha said...

ok, yes, MY banana bread is ok with the diet since it was made with whole wheat. ok, half whole wheat. and brown sugar instead of white sugar.

and, that leg either belongs to me or jess who was wearing a towel diaper while we were doing our nails. yes, a towel diaper, it was a stroke of genius!