Friday, July 21, 2006

estoy cansado!

Its friday!!!!Yeah...

As I was throwing out the trash this morning I had my ear buds around my neck, I guess the fell in the trash bin when I threw the trash bags in there. No big deal, I’m constantly dropping crap all over the place. Oh, first I went back into the house to look for the ear buds because I had figured out that I had dropped them in the trash can, damn it! I waste 3 minutes and then I give up, I look in the trash can just in case, and presto there they are! Dilemma: They drop in the trash can where there’s trash and stuff. Do I still put use the ear buds and put them in my ear? Or Do I throw them out because chances of getting an ear infection have increased because of the fact that my ear buds are contaminated?

I compromise, well sorta of. I throw away the black little covers. Besides aren’t they on there to protect your ears?!

Oh man, I’ll probably get ridiculed for writing about this but last night I played Halo2 with Royce and Tim- yeah you guessed it. It was awesome. I mean I’m mediocre at best ( I don’t really like playing it that much, compared to my tennis game) but I was doing ok yesterday. I think the part I enjoy the most during the games is the pre-game talk on the communicators. Its like a chat room gone wrong. Last week some one said I was a lesbo because my tag name is lesismore79… there far worst stuff being said during the games.
Anyways this kind of behavior (me playing tons of video games) is happening, because of my long distance relationship. I remember this happened back in school, I don’t know why girls start to date me and then leave to another country???? Maybe I should of done that! Yeah, I got really good at Counterstrike and then I had to quit because my girlfriend came back…this will probably be true of Xbox live. Well at least Hol is banking on this happening. LOL! Love you boo!

I’d like to give a little shout out to some people:

~Justin, I know you don’t read this but if you do- follow through!!!
~Susie, I’m glad I enticed you to leave a comment. I miss you girl! I found cheap tickets to NYC!!!
~Hol, I love you. Enough said. How do you feel about visiting your brother?
~Jess and KK, Don’t forget to bring me a gift. Each one of you, hahahaha..i’m not kidding.
~Erin Banks, hope your days back in LA are treating ½ as good as when you were in WA. I’m glad you blog!
~Kinders, why is that you travel so damn much but your travels never bring you down here? Hmmm, interesting.
~Shelly, Get better…and did I tell you I saw your cousin Tony?
~Royce, what are we doing this weekend? Holla at your boy!
~CB, see above!
~Trisha, what’s up, how you doin?
~Mandy, what’s up with you and Erin being blog friends, because I heard from jess that you didn’t like her punctuation style? Just kidding..yeah i hope to see you when you get back in to town.
~Chemimosa, I’m glad I starting talking to you again. Sorry you didn’t see any vagina’s on your birthday. Editor note this is a private joke!
~you know who are, I still can’t figure out how you’re not showing up my meter… but its ok..

Wow that just got way out of hand.


The Whaling Wall said...

i'm pretty sure you didn't hear anything about ME not liking erin's punctuation style. i suck at punctuation. and i'm not even sure if i'm spelling punctuation correctly.

so yeah, i think it must be the other way around...

p.s. i've leaned to not call out mysterious people that show up on my site meter... that's a pretty good way to scare them off. wouldn't you rather figure out who it is before they never come back? i would. but then again, i'm all private-investigator like that.

jessica said...

kelly and i were discussing how our worst nightmare is having a boyfriend who only wants to play videogames all the time. and i asked her if she thought there was a parallel. like, what is a guy's worst nightmare? and kelly said the parallel was having sex with a girl for the first time and finding out she has a penis.

i think that's fair.

Les said...

Mandy you got me, Hmm, you're right. I did make that stuff up about Erin and You...I was totally kidding about the mystery visitor. I'm pretty sure i don't have one.

Jess, that has no point of reference to video games. All you do to a boyfriend that doesn't stop playing video games is you start going to places without him and tell him what kind of guys where there. The video games will go away, how does the tranny scenario get mixed in>?!!

Besides I play video games because i have all this spare time..

SUSIE said...

i bought james an xbox 360 for his birthday...i hope it doesn't turn into a problem...i doubt it will. i'm with you les.. i think finding a penis is much worse

Erin said...

yeah, i'm no sure where this whole punctuation thing is coming from... for being an english nerd, punctuation matters a lot less to me than say... spelling.

rolls royce said...

You know how we do on the weekend les, chill for real. You know that means hittin up boy for some relaxin. And Jess finding a penis on a girl is ten times worse than a man who plays video games. I am repulsed now.

Hol said...

I know you'll stop playing once I'm back with you...or at least I hope. I guess I now know what to do if I can't pull you away from the box... MAKO's here we come!!! (That is me and the girls)

I'm checking the immigration site ya babe!