Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just for now..

My eyes are bloodshot from opening them underwater because I don't like not knowing where I'm swimming.

I hate video games, God knows how many hours I've wasted in front of a fucking TV...I think I was getting dumber by the minute. Who wants a xbox with one controller?

I don't like when my girlfriend talks to random strangers, especially if they just came back from Iraq with 200,000 guys. Yeah, there in need of some loving but from my lady.

I love getting email but I don't really like writing them.

Women talking about walking and going about there business in the nude are hott! Or really disturbed?

Engagement parties can be lame...

I really want a meat-ball sub right now..quiznos here I come.

Oh my goodness, the weekend is over and I didn't do a damn thing!


jessica said...

that's for sure. where have you been? i feel like we're drifting apart. you never write you never call. i'm leading a life apart from you. no sunday brunch? it's just not right.

Erin said...

what naked woman could you be referring to? a total toss up, though, between hot and disturbed.