Wednesday, July 19, 2006


That seems to be the norm here right now. Sure it will start off sunny and hot, just like any other typical central Florida day. There’s a false sense of normalcy because you think you’ll be able to enjoy yourself outside once 5p comes around. Perhaps you want to play a quick little game of basketball, or play a nice game of tennis, or perhaps even freaking take a swim. NO, you can’t! The clouds roll in slowly as if they knew you were looking forward to being outside, then out of now where all hell breaks loose. There’s lighting bolts all over the freaking place, the ground shakes each time they strike. Perhaps you’re watching a movie at the time or maybe enjoying a quick game online with fellow nerds and then the power goes out. Great, I’m in the dark now and I can’t take a shower or listen to my music because you’re live in fear of being struck by lighting bolts. This happens everyday, imagine that.

Moving on to more turbulent matters, yesterday it was made aware to me that some people still keep a journal/diary. Hear me out before you tune me out. I’m not saying it’s not a good idea (sorta of Jr high) but I think it can be detriment (you’ll read back on crap that you should of let go) and it will just take you back to feeling like you felt when you wrote it (shitty or very happy but are you really writing about stuff that made you happy?) My whole qualm is that some emotions shouldn’t be shown on a physical piece of paper for the severe consequences that might occur if someone else read them (perhaps a current boy/girl friend with jealous tendencies) and because then there’s proof that you were a homo at one point. I mean I write poetry because that’s the kind of guy I am. I’m touch with my feeling (I’m a total homo).

Ok one more thing, where the hell is Susie? Supposedly she was moving to NYC and living in a loft but I haven’t heard a thing about whether she made it there or anything. If you’re reading this (which I hope you are) give a dude a ring, I seriously want to come and visit. I said that about L.A but that whole 3hr time change was really bringing me down.

Jess don’t talk to the odd Bahamian men and keep KK away from them too, she too nice to strange people.

I’m out!


SUSIE said...

i'm here, i'm here!! no worries! read my blog and you'll figure out where i've been. anyway, i'm back now. so, i move to nyc soon! and you better come visit. i'm tired of empty promises. hurts my heart, les.

Kendra said...

sorry to hear that FL is so crappy. i keep telling you people that So Cal is where it's at. you'll figure it out one day though. hopefully sooner rather than later! ;)

and no journals or diaries here. i was never good at that although i did keep one during my 3 months in europe. i'm glad that i did b/c i had forgotten so many things. however, i did write about this silly boy in it and now i feel like a total retard when i read it. haha.

Les said...

Jessica's #I.P 24.244.142
and she's located at 25.0833, -77.35.

You should be on the beach..not on blogger!

you're on right now!

Anonymous said...

I love how we just had this conversation about how we were sure you AREN'T A homo and then you send me this link to read your blog where you say and I quote "i'm a homo" or maybe it was I'm such a homo....I think you're trying to tell me something, I just can't quite get what your saying. Oh yea, I think it's your gay. And then you give me your "phone number" do you think I'm stupid? Whatever stud muffin I like gay guys. We can still be friends. I'll call you later. Dulce suenos!

jessica said...

it's raining!! but still....

i heart internet.