Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ya man!

I always seem to be hearing how life on the Islands is so great; I’ve visited an island once. It was off the Caribbean, the Bay Islands or as the local call them las Islas de la Bahia, from that lone experience I was really impressed of how lazy people can be on an island. Red stripe- hooray!
I bet you never hear them say, Man I wish I could run away to the mainland, wouldn’t that be great!?! Ha ha ha…probably not.

Things I’ve noticed lately that you might find interesting:

Mullets are prevalent among our age group.

Women hate on other women so much, why all the hate. Chances are that they’re not after your man or trying to move into your turf! So territorial!

I’ve been listening to a lot of old ballads being performed by current singers. Gavin Degraw’s rendition of “against all odds” is priceless as well as John Mayer covering “walk on the ocean”.

I’ve been having odd dreams of old girlfriends lately…what the hell is that about?

Jessica is crazy! I really think she’s crazy!

When will the question of whether a guy & girl can just be friends be answered? I’m still waiting for the answer.

Listening to music at work makes the day go by so fast…oh look its 5 o’clock already, its time to go home.

Sleep has become my foe and my goal…one day, one day I will defeat my foe and reach my goal.

I’ve never dated a Latin woman.

If I had a symbol to identify me I think it would be 1<? I don’t know I think I’m on to something….1< is more???

Everyone I just want you to know that I Eat Fresh!

I want to go to sleep…for a week.


Kendra said...

NO guys and girls cannot just be friends. One is always interested in the other. They may not necessarily be pursuing, but the interest on some level is there.

Erin said...

i think that it may be possible, but only if both people are really ugly and in denial about being really ugly, therefore, they aren't interested in the other because they're aiming for something better. it's just a theory. i always think i'm just friends with some guy, and then it turns out he wants a piece of my sweet ass. it's really a serious problem . . .

jessica said...

oh gross. that is so gross. stop saying things like that. if it's really true, i don't want to think about it.