Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I love the Budweiser commercials with the crown outline and that hot song playing in the background “there’s a party over here” or something like that!
Anyways I was watching some extras last night from the 40yr old virgin and I just couldn’t keep it together! The part where that little Indian man is talking to Andy and he starts naming off all these sexual references, I lose it every-time. It easily can be compared to when Will Ferrell gets shot in the neck with the dart gun in Old School!

Side Note: I love friendships that can pick up where they left off. I hadn’t really talked to JB in like 6 months, which was the last time I was in Chicago, and he called yesterday. We talked like for like a 1 ½ hr. That’s a lot for guys!

I was in a pissy mood late night because holly told me she might go see a movie with a guy she just met at the gym. I’m glad that she didn’t do it; I probably would have said some very mean things to her. I’m not insecure about her, I just don’t like the idea of a guy that I don’t know going to see a movie with my girl.  Irrational, perhaps, justified- you bet your ass it is.

I wish it would stop raining… I need to play some tennis.

How is that Mandy and Erin are like blog friends, they don’t even know each other?


Michele said...

Oh yes. Will Ferrell in Old School... love it.

Kendra said...

fully understandable about the almost movie date... it's normal to feel that way. so how much longer til she gets her visa stuff figured out? maybe you should just marry her lester so you could bring her into the country hassle free!!! ;)