Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You can do it!

I can’t believe how much money I spent eating out in one month!!! According to my bank statement I spent roughly around $382 dollars between June 9 and July 7. WTF!@@ Its almost as much as rent. If I spent half that and ate at home I’d be in way better shape overall…So since I’m not going to sleep before nine! I’m going to try really hard not to eat out this coming month. I know its going to be a challenge because I love to go out; it’s not really about the food as much as it about not having to clean up.

If I see good results I think I’ll have to change my lifestyle…

Starting August 1... I’m going to do 30 days of not eating out.

I do however need some help with the rules/guidelines.
Like I can’t buy any food that has been prepared for me by another person and that will involve me tipping them…? Ok I get one place a week…I have birthday’s dinners in the month of August that I don’t want to miss.

So leave a comment and help me take back my bank account from the jaws of my mouth?


bakerbuns said...

I am with you 100% and will be right by your side the whole way.

kelly k said...

Isn't it WAY better when I come to visit and we can cook all together - or maybe I just become the "preparing Nazi" and scare you guys into working....but either way, ain't it great?! The dinner was $40 for EVERYBODY!! With leftovers...the best part!

Kendra said...

good luck!! i don't know how much encouragement i can send from the other side of the country so just let me know how it goes!!!

Kendra said...

btw, i'm loving all the self portraits lately!!!