Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I forgot to mention that I had a stupid semi drunken experience in the men's bathroom this weekend. No, I didn't pee on myself or fall down or any other bull crap thing. I was peeing in the urinal next to this other random guy and YMCA came on...without ever looking at each other we started singing it (its crucial to remember that we didn't look at each other the whole time) and then we'd forget the words and start humming the sound and then back to the Y-M-C-A...I wish I could tell you I was able to do the signals and pee at the same time but frankly I was not that skilled at the time.

anyways so Jess was here late last-night doing homework...well she was actually just watching t.v and checking her damn site meter. I felt bad that she was sick but then I remember where she went to get sick and all those feelings of pity went away as fast as that private jet she rode on...but in all seriousness I do hope you feel better!

Well my girlfriend went to go shoot guns the other day like a redneck with some dude...and yes I got f*ing mad....I probably would of lost it if it weren't for the fact that I had friends in the nearby room. If you want to get your boyfriend extremely mad then go out with a random guy.. no more.....

goodnight everyone..


jessica said...

i was NOT watching t.v.
i only checked my site meter a few times.
and i did get a lot of homework done.

i feel like crap.
two more tests tomorrow. then i can finally rest.

i just remembered that i have a $25 gift card to cracker barrel. that's enough to feed like five people. let's go there.

Les said...

perhaps..if i don't get O.J!!!

but i'm there!

Kendra said...

i love the drunken bathroom story. that's classic!!