Monday, June 12, 2006

Some times you just have to say FCUK it.

I accidentally hit enter and it posted with no context...don't you just hate that? Anyways Its officially summer in Central Florida. Our first tropical storm is due to hit tomorrow in the A.M..luckily its not coming by here but by the panhandle. So what happen this weekend of interest??? hmmm, well jess and I sneaked into my pool like a couple of teenagers, ironically real teenagers where thinking the same thing and I scared them off with my loud stealth coughing( I failed the navy seals test). Saturday we did the same thing only this time Jess brought her money child..Jacob, he's got fat feet..thats all I can say about this kid. I mean I know kids are cute but he just stares at you with some kind of suspicion..

Odd how kids can be soo cute on day and total monsters the next second, I guess adults are the same way, emotions are a bitch. So how's your monday going? I'd like to know, leave a comment about your typical monday. I promise i won't write back saying, somebody's got a bad case of the monday's!

Oh to those that moved over the weekend, I hope ya'll had a easy move..and to those that just laid around, well I hope you took extra easy..

peace, love, and all that other good stuff.


Erin said...

my monday sucked. i couldn't sleep last night due to sleeping in too long on Sunday. and a hawk has started hanging out around the property and he screaches (sp?) at 6 a.m. .looking for his breakfast. so worked was neverending today 'cause i was so tired. my day is better now that i'm home and relaxing with the dog and mk. so there, that's my monday...

jessica said...

on monday,
-i took two in school tests, and finished one take home test.
-was in class for six hours
-worked for 5 hours
-slept for half an hour (sunday night), and 8 hours (monday night)

this is why no one sees me during the week. it's not because i don't want to hang out. it's because i have a negative amount of time.

Kendra said...

my monday... felt like a zombie b/c i traveled 19 hours sunday to get home going to bed at 3am... i'm so glad to be home though... then in the evening a bunch of my friends came out to hang out in newport and i stole a loaf of bread... ha ha... seriously... read it on my blog!!

Michele said...

Read my blog about what I did today, and that's basically what I did on Monday. I love this summer so far!