Friday, June 02, 2006

Another 10 things I didn't know about women

So i mentioned that I had read this list of things about women that I guess I was un aware of, apparently every women has been talking about this for years..or not.
Anyways here they are:
  • Before you accuse a woman of being bitchy, walk a mile in her shoes. Her pointy-toed, high-heeled, impossibly uncomfortable shoes.
  • One more thing about the shoes:Most of them hurt too much to wear too long. So, yes, we really do need that many pairs.( And accordingly, you need to us to have them.)
  • Sometimes we love you way more then we love ourselves.
  • The smell of sweat is sexy within reason. Nuzzling your neck when you come home from the gym:sexy. Getting trapped in your armpit after you played 18 holes in 90 degree heat:not sexy.
  • Intimacy is the greatest foreplay. Its the 24 hr game.
  • You can never give us too many sincere compliments. To be honest, you can never give too many exaggerated ones, either.
  • Our friends are not your enemies, and our enemies better not be your friends.
  • Since we let you inside of us, we care a lot about where you've been.
  • It isn't our period that's making us moody: its you.
  • Knowing that you love us makes us strong.

Ok that was Kyra Sedgwick or otherwise know as the Closer on TNT! I almost feel like less of a man for knowing those 10 things..almost..

How true is any of that stuff, I mean how much can she really know. She's married to the Bacon, Kevin Bacon who always shows off his junk in movies..


Michele said...

YES! Thank you! I love Kyra's list, and you're not a woman, so you don't understand...but that's her point exactly, isn't it? I love the one: "It's now out period that makes us moody, it's you."

Thank you Kyra, thank you very much.

Erin said...

that's a bitchin' list. you should share this with all men. and then, maybe, they'll get it. kudos to you for posting the list.

Kendra said...

thanks for posting it, per my request. that means a lot les. anyways, my favorite is that my enemies had better not be your friends. that's one thats always really bugged me.

rolls royce said...

how depressing.... I want to blame the period for her being pissed at me.... It is just so much easier. That way we don't always have to feel like we are constantly messing up.

Kendra said...

at what point in life did you men all of the suddden become comfortable talking openly about our periods, pms, cramping, etc???

Les said...

Hmmm, well it could of been when it started affecting our personal agendas and social interactions with women..its important to know why your girl is wanting to rip your head off because you told her that you'd be 5 minutes late to dinner.