Monday, June 26, 2006

Sealed with a Kiss from the Rose on the Grave

Seal and Heidi's child
Why is it that some people can’t stand Seal?

I have to say that I’m a bit envious of Seal’s success. Here is a bum from the streets of London that looks like he had been hit by millions of pellets but his voice was that of a musical genius! I suppose that too is up for argument since no one I know likes the Kiss of a rose on the grave or some odd name like that. I have to admit I do own a Seal CD, hahaha… It’s ok to laugh if you’re aware of your absurdness, right? Well I guess one could say that Seal is lucky, lucky to be born with a voice like his. This man’s voice has given him the opportunity to make a large sum of money, to meet interesting people, to wear fine clothes and eat at fine eateries as well as to meet beautiful women that in any other realm of reality would have slapped Seal back to the streets of London. Heidi Klum why won’t you wake up! Sorry, it’s horrible of me to think such things. I wonder if Seal still sleeps in a cardboard box, like if MTV cribs where to go check out his crib, would we find a cardboard box in his bedroom and maybe an empty can cylinder with fire brewing from it. I hope Seal doesn’t read this (he probably should so he could get the hint that he’s not that cool!) I mean I’m sure Seal could kick my ass if he wanted to but then again maybe he can’t since his face is all scarred up from failed fights. I know what ya’ll (my southern adaptation is almost complete) are thinking, he probably starting singing that Kiss from the Rose on the grave song and that’s why he got his all scarred up!

Things to take away from this: Heidi Klum is obviously willing to date any man as long as he’s got money(note to self get rich soon) bums can lead productive lives if given the opportunity.

Well seeing how it’s Monday afternoon, I hope that was a bit amusing to some of you out in the west coast still working or pretending to work.


rolls royce said...

Bravo Lester. What a phenomenal entry you wrote. Seal totally blows. The funniest part is that all of his fans are from the same demographic: middle aged, overweight, white women. That is just the truth.

Kendra said...

that photo is scary lester!! it looks like her face is scarred from being a burn victim. i've too often wondered what heidi is thinking. seal is not cute. i guess that means i don't fall into the category royce is talking about. whew, what a relief!! :) i can't figure it out either. let me be the first to say that i love the "kissed by a rose on a grave song"! absolutely love it.

and hello, when is the keane coming? i'm waiting!!! ;)

Les said...

I just got the Cd lastnight so i haven't had a chance to upload it. I went to go see SuperMan, good but very long if you start watching it at 10p. Look for it tonight..

jessica said...

ugh, i was so tired this morning i wanted to cry...was the fellowship worth getting less than 5 hours of sleep? i don't know...i just don't know...