Friday, June 23, 2006

Don't judge me, because I believe in Science.

Ouch! I suppose that spanglish isn't for everyone. I recently talk Justin about what he thought about NachoooooooooooooooLibre? He said he came away disappointed,he was expecting much more. In fairness to Justin, he might be right. Nothing against Jon Heder but he's no where as funny as Jack Black, though I've seen jb do better with less of a role. As I was reading rotten tomatoes for its take on the movie I came across a quote/review saying "slightly less funny than cancer"
WOw, I never knew that cancer was in the running for funny. I can't say this movie was the best but I sure as hell laughed. Come on when was the last time you saw a man get stabbed with corn on a stick, or two deviled possessed midgets with a hair demeanor? That is priceless. Sure the accent was all wrong most of the time but that was funny. I think the priceless parts of the movie is when the Eagle sounds are made and the cat sound is made when the ekletor jumps down to steal the chips.

anyways its not about the exterior of the movie but getting down to the nitty gritty.
yew know whatta mean?

have a good weekend..


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Kendra said...

is it worth paying $10 for or should i wait for it to come out on netflix? actually, i don't know why i'm asking b/c i'm not even considering going to see it. i've seen one movie in the theater all year... "RV"... a waste of $10, but wait... i didn't pay for it so nevermind.

cancer is NEVER funny. that pisses me off.