Thursday, June 15, 2006

Open Letter

Open Letter:

Dear Nick,
Thank you for your recent email and inviting me to listen to your music, a blend of folk rock, folk and country. Whiskey, Whiskey by… is perhaps my favorite song of your collection. I would say that you bring the Mel back into Melancholy. I wish I could write a song that sincere. I thought for a minute that Damien Rice was me in another life but I’m not so sure anymore. My mind is running at higher speeds Nick, I’m sorry If I’m a bit confusing, sometimes not even my girlfriend can understand me. Nick I’m sure you have tons of women in your life, why else would you be a musician, right, am I right or am I right? So Nick, I guess I’m a little bit intrigued how you came across my profile on My Space and some how concluded that I was a folk rock/folk/country follower? No seriously Nick, how would you gather that type of conclusion when I have The Bravery- Honest Mistake, The Super Discount ‘An Techno version playing on my profile page. Hey Nick do me a favor, don’t ever ask to be my friend or ask me to listen to your sappy music. The only Nick I’m interested in hearing from is Lachey and only because I’m wondering if Jessica Simpson is really that hott and that stupid!! Sincerely Les-a non avid folk rock/folk/country lover.

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