Monday, June 19, 2006

Running out..

I got rained on and I had to venture into work like a wet dog stranded outside of his house. The cold air met me with disdain, the residue of water drops fresh on my shirt and pants. My face was moist and my eyes livid with anger. If I could have punched Mother Nature I would have knocked her out! The puddles of rain accumulated into a mini river running wild down the streets. The small steps of women could be heard among the puddles of water as they clinged to their umbrellas as if walking slower would keep them drier, go figure? The clouds had spoken and the word of the day was rain. For a minute it seemed like they sky had turned into a pool of water and all it could do was drop on us like a heavy blanket of agua. It would have been fun to just step from under that landing and let the showers cover me, to jump into a puddle and splash anyone in sight. However it wasn’t quite that scene, you know one of those Mr. Bean things.

I was wet and I was mad. If I were sugar (which I am) I would have melted and washed away. Its odd to think that I, at one time would have invited such a spontaneous event with laughter, I guess it isn’t as fun to play in the rain when its just a party for one.

Perhaps soon I’ll have partner in crime to tackle the rain and not an umbrella to fend it off.

Today is Monday, I wonder what tomorrow might bring?

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Michele said...

that's exactly what happened to me yesterday. I got in the metro undergroud and when I arrived back above ground at my destination it was like a monsoon outside. I tried running for shelter but only slipped an slided on the slippery train platform tile! WTF? Who uses tile at trainstops?