Thursday, May 04, 2006


Thats right from the get go, a link. I think it was written so well that i would rather you read his then my take on "skinny Jeans". I must apologize to Mish for writing about fashion on Thursday's. Thats really her thing..i just came across the article today.

I was thinking today about crazy movie facts- did you know that Vendetta is only said once in V for Vendetta?

I can name two movies that Lester has been the name of the main or pseudo main character- American Beauty and Almost famous, ironically they both had the same initials, (LB for Lester Bangs and Lester Burnham!?).

Women spitting is still not attractive, as i was walking back from the cafeteria this young lady just spat on the sidewalk? Gross..i don't like my ladies spitting in public.

I feel naked when i don't have my cell phone..i don't know what to do..i forgot today at home and i think i might want to drive back to get it..

wearing black on a hot day is a bad idea.

I like to look at pictures, thats really the only reason i like myspace...what ever happen to friendster?

and finally...Dave thinks that Sophia Bush and Holly sound alike..he might be right but i still think Holly is hotter!

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Erin said...

after looking at the link and seeing the "skinny jeans", I am incredibly thankful that mikael is not into trends. I would have great diffculty finding him sexy in those jeans - those legs are so damn long.