Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Talk about late responses.

~So today while I was at my mindless job I got a call from my employer, though technically they’re not, about a position I applied for back in January! Its now May. WTF!! I wanted to yell at the person on the other line but I didn’t because it may or may have not been her fault for the tardy response, whatever I’m done with them.

~Moving on, I’ve been getting an itch to go out west for a vacation of sorts but I’m afraid if I venture out there I might not want to come back. I know Florida is great and all but I remember the bay area around this time and its da bomb yo! So we’ll see…

~How the hell is it only Wednesday!! What the hell, I feel like if close my eyes right now I might not get up till Sunday morning! This has been the longest week and its not freaking over.

~A possible advertising in my head
There’s something I want to talk about that many of you might do and perhaps never think about?! You’re probably thinking, what is he talking about? He doesn’t know what I do or does he? Yes friends and its sweeping across everyone’s lives, I’m not talking about drinking, smoking, drugs, or even premarital sex. I’m talking about swearing, studies have shown that 100% of adults ranging from 21-30 swear everyday (actually I made that up but I’m sure its at least 75%-oh that’s a lie too!) swearing is taking over at the dinner table, the living room, basketball courts, its at the beach, its on the golf course..Friends it’s every where. If someone where to sit outside my room they would think me and GD had an open form of communication the way I keeping talking to him (I really hate saying that word but it comes out so easily!). What I’m trying to say is that swearing might one day come back to bite you in the butt (I used an alternative word other using the more explicit word) but there isn’t a need to worry. I’ve set up a hotline for those seeking help or just wanting to talk, 1800-463-877953 (gofurself). A friendly, understanding robot is waiting to not listen, he’ll ignore you, ask you ridiculous questions, and from time to time he might even swear at you, by the time you’re done with the call if you haven’t cussed out our robot so bad that you never want to swear again, we’ll tell you to gofurself (that usually does the trick).

This promo was brought to you by The GOFURSELF Foundation, making swearing a thing of the F$*& Past, Bitch!

~its only Wednesday!


The Whaling Wall said...

les... what is that you "do" at your mindless job? honestly... i just realized that i know of the place you work at but have no idea what job description you have. tell me, please.

i. must. know.

Michele said...

it's true. and I think stress brings it out more. all of a sudden the "F" word is every other word out of my mouth. I'm such a sailor.

jessica said...

i only swear at the previously mentioned game night. it brings out the worst in me. especially phase ten. oh, and when i drop my phone. i swear when i drop my phone.