Thursday, May 11, 2006

crap, crap, and crap

I had saved my rough draft to this foremention this thing of a blog, now i come to find out that its not here!! I had some primo rad stuff!!! Argh!!!!! hahaha..thats a bit too much..anyways does anyone think that Wilmer Valderamma should take some language classes? You're on t.v playing a character that has a funny accent the only thing is that you really do have a funny accent. Then he's all on Yo Mamma making fun of people..i'd be offended wilmer if i understood what just came out of your mouth son! Then he creeps up in his black cadiallac that i saw on cribs, that mess was like 1 1/2 ago, i thought you were the man, i guess he needs that 70s show money. Ok enough about wilmer..I was just on Kristen Schmid's myspace page and i was digging her profile song that i had to download it..Citzen's Cope- Sideways.. man thats good tunes..
will i go and ask kristen to be my friend on myspace..hmmm..hmmm..i don't know..

Sorry i got sidetracked- i went to dinner and a movie..the dinner was more expensive than the movie cuz i went to the dolla theatre, holla! I can't complain about the movie because it was it only a dolla! anyways have great mother's day..don't forget to call or send flowers..since i'm a good son i'll do both..

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